Xiaomi Launches Portable Electric Multi-Functional Hot Pot Priced At $38


Not a smart device single lives Xiaomi a popular Chinese brand, but also indispensable in everyday life goods that simplify the daily tasks facing each of us. Among such products, the portable electric Multi-functional Hot Pot cannot go unnoticed.

A solid volume of 4 liters is useful for a family dinner, and for a festive feast in a large company. Due to the well-planned placement of the filament, ignition is eliminated, since the distribution of heating to 360 degrees at a power of 1500 W occurs evenly along the bottom of the device. Additional protection will provide a non-stick coating. In the process of use, it is recommended to use wooden or plastic accessories in order not to damage it.

The inside is coated with a food-grade non-sticky coating which is easy to clean. There is also a switch which lets users adjust the cooking temperature. The temperature can be adjusted within the range of 38-210 ℃. The electric frying pan is designed not only for a delicious menu like pepper steaks or Florentine steaks but also for the most unpretentious dishes, starting with scrambled eggs or pancakes.

The base of the appliance is made of environmentally friendly and heat-resistant material that is safe for health. The construction is complemented by handles made of wood with heat-resistant treatment and non-slip rubber feet, which allow it to be placed on any convenient surface. A frying pan can be used not only as a cooking container but as a dish for serving ready meals, simply by unplugging the power cord.

So fans of tasty and healthy food this household item will cost 239 yuan ($38) and currently you can buy portable electric Multi-functional Hot Pot on Xiaomi’s Youpin platform.

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