Xiaomi launches VR All-in-One Super Player For the Asian Market


Xiaomi has officially announced that the all-in-one version of the Xiaomi VR All-in-One Super Player has now been pre-ordered, priced at 1799 yuan ($260). Specifically, the 32GB ROM version of the ROM costs 1799 yuan (equal to $$260), while the 64 GB ROM costs 1.999 yuan (about $288). Both versions received gift packages of 21 VR games with a total value of 700 Yuan (about $101).

Tang Mu, vice president of ecological chain Xiaomi, said that the Xiaomi VR All-in-One receives a lot of domestic and international attention because it’s the best virtual reality product on the market. the world today.

Xiaomi makes VR devices through collaboration with Oculus, promising to open up a rich and dynamic virtual reality world even without a smartphone connection. This device uses a fast 2k Ultra Clear customizable screen that can support a maximum refresh rate of 72Hz. This allows users to experience better images and minimize flicker.

Most of all, the Xiaomi VR All-in-One is equipped with a special Oculus diffraction optics system. The entire optical and display system combined to reduce glare and improve viewing angles. The Xiaomi VR All-in-One Super Player uses the Snapdragon 821 chip and a number of software optimization algorithms to provide a smoother viewing experience and no dizzy feeling.

The front of the Xiaomi VR All-in-One Super Player is made of aluminum alloy and the powerful U-tube cooling system improves the performance of the processor. Total weight is only 425 grams and very easy to wear.

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