Xiaomi Leaked MIUI 9 OS New Concept: Rich and Powerful


Xiaomi has held MIUI 9 announcement on November 7 in its new office, which is the first time that MIUI 9 appearing in front of us. After a month, Xiaomi has posted at MIUI official Weibo with a sentence, rich and powerful. Sometimes, we are addicted to the volume of the information, but ignore the power of details.


And then the words, ‘Rich and Powerful’ has appeared in Xiaomi MIUI Wechat public account, so do this five words have other meaning? According to the photos on Weibo, all of them are the special features about MIUI 8 released this year, most of features have not been noticed the details optimization and change. Right now MIUI 8 has been released for over half year, the slogan, rich and powerful maybe the the new concept of next OS, MIUI 9.

In addition, Xiaomi official staff has leaked some info about MIUI 9 design and developing, for example, MIUI 9 will be improved to solve the problem of phone stuck, and power consumption.MIUI 9 will be made simply, and it will optimize camera effect for more models, MIUI 9 will be smarter for better use.



Although the limited leaked information Xiaomi official released, we can still know MIUI 9 will optimize in power saving, camera effect, and other details improvement, which comply to the concept of Details and Power.

It’s known to all that Xiaomi has made big innovation in its own smartphones and MIUI OS. Most users think MIUI OS is one of the best Chinese OS now that is worthwhile to have a try. So we will witness more details and more power in MIUI 9, stay tuned.


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