Xiaomi Leravan Massager Review – Lefan Foot Reflexology Massager For Just $115.99 at TOMTOP


Having a stressful day? Are you looking for the best way to relax? What about a foot massage? There are many acupuncture points on the soles of the human body. They can influence blood circulation and even accelerate metabolism. Very often the foot massage can relieve physical fatigue, make people feel more relaxed and even improve the quality of sleep. Xiaomi just launched a new product to give your leg steady massage anytime, any day and anywhere, The “Xiaomi Leravan Lefan Lf Foot Reflexology Massager”.


Xiaomi Leravan

Xiaomi Leravan Lefan Lf Foot Reflexology Massager uses a new open-type breathable structure that provides a hygienic and comfortable environment for a foot massage. The massager consists of a base with two sets of rotating massage heads. The operating panel is very simple. The width of the massager more 20 cm, which meets the needs of most people’s feet the whole massager weighs only 2.5kg. The base is provided with anti-slip material for stability convenient usage. The massager can work in a heating mode. The IR heating helps to promote blood circulation makes your feet feel more comfortable and relaxed.


Xiaomi Leravan

Two modes of massage can be operated in 15 minutes. There is no need to control the time. Just relax and try to sleep lightly. It features a dynamic airbag wrapping multi-faceted care. For the foot surface, the airbag is used to cover the feet, the foot surface is massaged by rhythmic pressing to stimulate the relevant acupuncture points and adjust the body function. Applying gentle strength while tightly wrapping increasing massage intensity of massage head to the sole of foot gentle a comprehensive care pressure massage has three levels of adjustable more choices better massage effect.

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Enjoy a massage with Xiaomi Leravan Lefan Lf Foot Reflexology Massager anytime you want. It is the best way to cope with stress after a hard-working day, isn’t it? We can buy it from TOMTOP at $115.99 in Flash Sale.

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