Xiaomi LS – P Laser Range Finder Review: An Infrared Hand-held Distance Meter(Coupon Included)


Xiaomi introduced on its collective financing platform Youpin Crowdfunding a laser rangefinder, which is called Duka LS-P. The gadget is equipped with only two buttons, but its functionality is wider than most of its similar products. The list of functions includes measurement in one direction, measurement of angle, height, area, as well as volume measurement – all with one button.

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The Duke LS-P laser rangefinder is made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy as well as ABS material. The gadget weighs only 28g and is about the size of a finger, making it easy to fit into the pocket. The laser rangefinder has a rounded integrated arc design and is polished using a blasting process. The device has anti-sweat and anti-corrosion properties. The design is said to have won the 2019 German Red Dot Design and the German iF Design awards for its quality build.


The Duka LS-P Laser range finder has eight practical functions, including single measurement, continuous measurement, angle measurement, area measurement, volume measurement, one PIP measurement, secondary PIP measurement, front and rear reference, one-button angle/height measurement.


It emits a very fine laser beam to the target during operation, and the laser beam reflected by the target is received by the inlet optoelectronic component. The time from the transmission to the reception of the laser beam is measured by a timer, thereby calculating the distance from the observer to the target. It has a measurement accuracy of up to 1mm and a measurement time of 0.2s. The maximum distance is up to 40 meters and accurate data can be obtained with just a click.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Duka LS – P Laser Range Finder

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Coupon Code: 13F4QMQ4AI use on Gearbest to get it for $24.99

Buy Xiaomi Duka LS – P Laser Range Finder at $24.99


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