Xiaomi M1X Pro Review: a Smart Clothes Dryer with Up To 30KG Load Capacity For Just $379.99 at GeekBuying (+Coupon)


Drying clothes at home is always a problem, especially in winter and in small apartments, where there is no separate room for drying. Xiaomi Launched a new product Xiaomi M1X Pro Smart Clothes Dryer that can greatly facilitate drying the wardrobe after washing it.

Buy Xiaomi M1X Pro Smart Clothes Dryer at $379.99


It is an intelligent clothes dryer that not only does not take up much space but is also very functional. Its dimensions are 1000 x 316 x73 mm when it is folded, and after unfolding they increase to 1690 x 596 x 156 mm. The device is offered in two variants, namely M1 and M1X Pro. The second version is more extensive and has an electric heating element and a fan that directs warm air to the clothes, significantly accelerating the drying. The maximum load on both versions is 30 kg.

The folding and folding of the dryer is controlled by a single button, and there are also buttons for LED backlighting. The device can also be controlled by means of a dedicated Mi Home application, whereas in the case of the Xiaomi M1X Pro model, the application also allows you to program the drying time.

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The Xiaomi M1X Pro version differs from the M1 by the presence of a heating element, and fans for supplying warm air to things that help dry things much faster. But both dryers are equipped with a mechanical lift with electric drive and lamp, which are switched on remotely, either from the remote control or from the application for the Mi Home phone. Dryer maintains 30 kg load. A built-in lighting lamp measuring 70 by 20 cm illuminates each corner of the dryer and removes the problem with insufficient lighting with a large number of hanging things. Thanks to the ceiling installation, the dryer does not take up much space and is conveniently located in even the smallest apartment.


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Buy Xiaomi M1X Pro Smart Clothes Dryer at $379.99


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