Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra Commemorative Edition Got MIUI 12.5.1 Stable Version Update


This morning, Xiaomi mi10 Ultimate Commemorative Edition pushed a stable version of MIUI 12.5.1 update.
In the new version of the system, MI10 supreme edition has got new Android first gesture Turbo and the new MIUI light cone dynamic effect architecture, supporting the computer side to view the phone notice, clicking the notice to open the phone application.

The Mi 10 Ultimate Commemorative Edition, which was released in August last year, is powered by a Snapdragon 865 processor and supports a 120W wired second charge, we have learned.


Added Android first gesture Turbo, fast response, smooth in the heart

Added calculation force upgrade, 20 times rendering force, rendering great brilliance

New model classification, different mobile phones, are more fluid

Optimized system optimization, lighter, faster, more power saving

System Animation Design

New MIUI light cone dynamic effect architecture, full scene animation experience greatly improved

Added top aesthetics and dynamic effect design, visual synesthesia, feel real

System tactile design

Refining the realistic feedback, building a rich tactile database and bringing natural tactile experience

System sound design

New notice sound natural museum, hear everything, immersive

Add the sound of a hundred kinds of global creatures, the beauty of life, sound unceasingly

Added system sound effects designed for dual speakers

Super wallpaper

Added snow mountain super wallpaper

Privacy protection

Added clipping plate privacy protection, exposure application to read clipping plate behavior, intelligent judgment reasonable reading

Added fuzzy location, based on differential privacy technology to protect your location information

Added the first full use of sandbox Android system, support to set sensitive information to read and write permissions

New exposure web behavior records, intercept sensitive, malicious behavior

Add online anti-tracking, your behavior only you know

New App Store: Each APP comes with a privacy note

Added privacy risk detection

New album pictures to prevent accidental deletion

Added sensitive access to hazards and hidden dangers education

Added enhanced hints and interception enabled by Hazard Permissions

Optimized privacy protection page comprehensive upgrade


New thinking note-taking function, structured writing tool on mobile phone, one-click generation of brain map

New doodling function, carefully adjust the four brushes, exquisite restore the real strokes. New doodling quick drawing function, including automatic correction of regular graphics by long press and automatic connection of straight end

New global to do upgrade to “shorthand”, at any time to view notes, to do, excerpt

New Excerpt function, support to extract pictures, text, links to notes with one key (need to upgrade to 3.1.0 or higher version in the store)

Add dynamic grid typesetting, build the beauty of text order, so that different font sizes, the same beautiful

Notes upgraded to “Notes”


Mobile phones and computers work together

Support computer to view mobile phone notification, click notification to open mobile phone application

Support mobile applications to switch to the computer at any time to continue to use

Support mobile phone side, computer side clipboard two-way synchronization, one end copy, one end paste

Support mobile phone photography, screenshots, real-time synchronization to the PC terminal use

Supports the mobile terminal to browse the web, the computer directly open to continue to browse

Support drag and drop files from computer to “Miu I+” panel to transfer to mobile phone

The new Miu I “file management”, “notes” support computer large screen version

Free window

New chat application notification support long – down to enter the small window

Added mini window and full screen application quick interchange

Added a “small window capsule” function to prompt key information when the application is in a small window

Mi health

A new phone camera monitors heart rate

Add manual running, walking and cycling activities, and launch a variety of exercise video courses

Optimized Soulstring technology 2.0, automatic motion recognition more accurate


Added download application water ripple effect animation

Added unload application particle explosion effect animation

New app folder design

Added support for selecting multi-task horizontal layout

Universal vote screen

Added video projection screen to adapt to TV screen scale

Added small window projection application audio and mobile application audio sub-device playback

Xiaomi Cloud Service

Added photo seconds to PDF

Added password butler, one key encryption account password data to the cloud

Added shared device location to assist device search

Added support for automatic positioning before shutdown

Xiaomi Business Hall

Added support for the management of multiple mobile phone cards, convenient inquiry, payment

The input method

Slide bottom area added to move cursor quickly

Added keyboard bottom function key to support switching language and switching keyboard

Added long press the function key at the bottom of the keyboard to call out more functions

Added the bottom of the full screen keyboard optimized functional area to fit the personality of the skin

The theme

Added a third party font to support the thickness of the infinite adjustment

Optimize the aggregation system wallpaper, animation, sound and other personalized functions

The browser

Added simple version to support custom wallpaper

Optimized browser kernel for faster loading


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