Xiaomi Mi 10S Starts to Released MIUI 13 Stable Version


according to the feedback from the Xiaomi community and some netizens, the Xiaomi Mi 10S mobile phone began to push the MIUI 13 stable version. The recommended content is as follows:

  • Added face verification protection and privacy watermark functions to protect you in daily life
  • Added full-link fraud protection function to help you stay away from telecom fraud
  • Added a new system font MiSans, with clear vision and comfortable reading
  • New live wallpaper beautiful science “Crystal”, showing the beauty of science under the microscope
  • Added widget system to support rich application widgets and personalized widgets
  • Add a fully customizable Xiaoai classmate, your personal smart assistant
  • Optimize the basic experience to be faster and more stable

The Xiaomi Mi 10S mobile phone was released in March last year. It is equipped with a Snapdragon 870 processor, uses a 6.67-inch AMOLED hyperboloid screen, supports 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz sampling rate, and is equipped with a 4780mAh battery.

The Xiaomi MIUI 13 system has brought a lot of new features, optimizing the fluency of system applications and third-party applications in the head at the bottom level, improving the fluency of the desktop, and enhancing the user experience.

The newly added Xiaomi Mi Miaoxiang function can realize the seamless transfer between Xiaomi tablet and mobile phone, and you can continue to use mobile phone applications through the tablet. The clipboard interworking function can support copying on either end of the mobile phone or tablet, and direct pasting on the other end. Xiaomi Mi Miaoxiang features will be continuously upgraded in the future.

In terms of privacy, MIUI 13 has added a document privacy watermark function to intelligently identify sensitive documents; a full-link fraud protection function has been added, including functions such as electronic fraud warning, official logo, and risk transfer protection. The mobile phone has added an incognito mode, which can prohibit all recording, positioning, and photographing permissions after it is turned on. In addition, during face verification, the images other than the face are occluded from the bottom layer.

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The MIUI 13 system is replaced with a new font: MiSans, which is visually clear and comfortable to read. New live wallpaper beautiful science “crystal”. In addition, a new widget system and global sidebar function have been added.

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