Xiaomi MI 11 Lite NE Exposed with Snapdragon 778G


Developer Kacskrz has discovered a new Xiaomi device, code-named Lisa, called mi 11 Lite NE.

Kacskrz has revealed that the Mi 11 Lite NE is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778GB processor, which is the first time xiaomi has used the snapdragon 778GB processor.

Based on the 6nm process of TSMC, the chip integrates three 14-bit ISP image signal processors, supporting triple concurrent and triple parallel processing. The maximum support for single photography is 192 million pixels, the maximum support for dual photography is 36 million +22 million pixels, and the maximum support for triple photography is 22 million pixels.

In addition, the Snapdragon 778G integrates with the Adreno 624L GPU, which claims up to a 40% improvement in graphics rendering performance, and supports Elite Gaming platform features including Variable Resolution Rendering (VRS) and Game Quick Touch.

From the location, it is not difficult to see that snapdragon 778G is slightly inferior to Snapdragon 780G. We know that the Mi 11 Lite NE is being positioned slightly lower than the Mi 11 Lite with the first commercial Snapdragon 780G chip.

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It is worth noting that the Mi 11 Lite NE will be unveiled in India, and it is not yet certain whether it will be available to domestic consumers.


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