Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro VS iPhone 12 Pro Camera Comparison: Detailed Review


Recently, Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra have successfully attracted many mobile phone enthusiasts, mainly because of their unique super large CMOS, 1/1.12 super large size, which has reached a new height of mobile phone CMOS. In fact, Xiaomi 11 Ultra has won the championship in Denmark, which is obviously better than the iPhone 12 series. But on the other hand, I have Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro on hand. The Mi 11 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro that will appear this time are both rear-mounted three-cameras, and they are all lenses that are not made up. One starts at 4999 yuan, and the other starts at 8,499 yuan. It can still be a battle.

Looking at the daytime first, the iPhone’s main camera has a 26mm focal length, and Xiaomi’s has a 24mm focal length, so the viewing angle is wider. In terms of colour, Apple is real, and the sky is indeed dim that day, but the colour of Xiaomi tends to behave under normal sunlight and is more transparent.

I don’t think anyone wants the sky to be yellow, so the photos taken should be yellow. After all, everyone likes fine weather. This one is also the main camera; it can be seen that Xiaomi’s CMOS is much larger, so the blur effect is pronounced.

In the telephoto, iPhone basically relies on cropping and zooming. After all, it only has 2X optical zoom, while Xiaomi has 5X optical zoom and anti-shake. The effect is obvious. In general, the iPhone is slightly inferior in daytime shooting, but the gap is not that big. After all, Apple’s photography is also top-notch.

However, when photographing children and people, the iPhone will have a gap during the day. It is too real and even a little ugly. The natural blur, tone, and skin tone of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro are better. Let me ask, do you want to be real or beautify it?

Entering the night scene, you can see that the post-optimization of Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is more powerful; the doll’s outline is still clearly under the halo, while the iPhone is almost meaningless. This is still Pro with Lidar, which is still far behind Xiaomi 11 Pro.

Of course, in many scenes, Apple does not fall behind, and its performance is mainly different from Xiaomi’s style. After all, Apple can’t be beaten by anyone.

Under the low light of 0.05lux, Xiaomi’s performance is not inferior to Apple, indicating that Xiaomi’s night owl algorithm has also reached the first-class mobile phone imaging level.

Outdoors, neither of them has a night scene mode, and both rely on automatic recognition. Although both of them will extend the exposure time and hold anti-shake, you can see that the iPhone’s night scene colour is relatively dry, and the colour of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro can be said to be very bright without any signs of oversaturation. It shows the natural night colour and light. Smell.

The above picture may not look very different overall, but if you look at each light’s water ripples, you will find that the iPhone details are still too rough. After all, after Xiaomi 11 Pro 4 in 1 pixel, the single-pixel area has reached 2.8μm, and the light sensitivity is compelling.

This iPhone directly defeated. In terms of colour, colour temperature, viewing angle, and details, the iPhone’s small CMOS can’t compete with Xiaomi’s GN2.

This group of photos without street lights, the iPhone will show you directly, and the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro still maintains a high definition.

There is also grass on the side of the road. With the lights of the bridge, the photos of the Mi 11 Pro are more three-dimensional, reflecting the light and shadow conditions at the time, and the iPhone is naturally still a little dry.

Finally, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro uses multi-frame fusion technology to reduce ghosts better, but the iPhone is freer in this respect, and there will be more ghosts, such as the lower part of the above picture.

There is no harm if there is no comparison. After seeing the night scene of Xiaomi 11 Pro, I always feel that the iPhone is relatively dry. We need to see the objects clearly and understand the light and shadow effects and colour atmosphere. This is something that iPhone photos cannot provide…

In general, although the Mi 11 Pro is not configured better than the Mi 11 Ultra, it is still a salty and sweet phone for taking pictures, which can record the atmosphere of the scene well. Simultaneously, in addition to the powerful main camera, the 5X optical zoom is not useless. Shooting some telephoto can also get a good visual experience.

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Suddenly, for each scene, we have two opportunities to record from different angles.

And its main camera 24mm wide-angle, 8-core focusing capability, so you can quickly record the moments of life. Also, Xiaomi 11 Pro shooting people’s effect is quite good; we will continue to experience this later.

In short, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro for 5000 yuan can be said to be the iPhone 12 Pro for more than 8500 yuan. Next time, we will find a closer opponent to compare.

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