Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Design, Specs, Review, Release Date, Coupon, etc


At the end of last year, the Mi 11 was officially released. Judging from Lei’s hints and different degrees of news online, Xiaomi will also release a “super large” Mi 11, which will be upgraded again in terms of appearance, configuration and so on.

The Mi 11 Ultra will be called the Mi 11 Ultra, and will feature improvements in photography, size, and charging. The biggest change will be photography.

Mi 11 uses a 100-megapixel rear main camera. After media disassembly, it is found that this main camera sensor is still Samsung’s HMX, which is the same as the Mi 10 Pro released at the beginning of last year. It should be the final polished version of Xiaomi.

So which sensor does the Mi 11 Ultra want to use to improve its camera quality again?

Again, it’s Samsung’s plan. Samsung has officially unveiled its new flagship sensor, iSocell GN2, which has a pixel area of 1.4μm and 50 megapixels. The sensor has a 1/1.12 inch large bottom, larger than the current dominant 1/1.33 and 1/1.28 inches, which is also the largest bottom sensor in the industry.

The sensor also supports Ultra HD image output of up to 100 megapixels, has dual-pixel enhancement, and can be combined with four-in-one pixel technology to quickly focus and capture vivid images regardless of ambient light.

Thanks to the large base, the GN2 sensor can also absorb more light at night or in a dark indoor environment, greatly improving the night performance. It’s said that the Mi 11 Ultra will debut with this sensor, which will greatly improve the product’s imaging capabilities.

However, due to this large base, the camera module has to be ridiculously large to use the phone. The rear camera module is ridiculously large compared to previous leaked images of the Mi 11 Ultra, for this reason.

In fact, xiaomi can not be made like this, because no matter how big the size is, it will not be wide. I guess it’s because Xiaomi thinks it’s big enough, so why not add something else to make the whole area of the lens module wider and form a symmetrical design, so it added a small screen on the right.

At the very least, the whole back looks a little symmetrical. In addition to the Samsung GN2 main camera, the Mi 11 Ultra finally has a submersible lens and supports up to 120x digital zoom.

Of course, the quality of this screen is actually not very good. According to a blogger, this screen only has a 60Hz refresh rate and is not very useful. Currently, it may only support simple preview functions such as selfie preview of rear camera, message notification, missed call, text message, step display, music player and so on.

If you can touch it, it also adds some practicality. And I don’t know if MIUI has added any unique functions to this side screen. I’m looking forward to a perfect display from the press conference.

The front screen quality of this product is still very good, with 2K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, 480Hz touch sampling rate and so on. At the same time, it will also be equipped with Snapdragon 888, UFS3.1, LPDDR5 of the new generation of golden triangle performance combination, so there is no need to worry about experience.

In addition,  Mi 11 Ultra will be equipped with a 5000mAh battery, but due to some coordination problems with the large battery and high power, 120W is not available for the time being. It may be equipped with 67W wired charging power, which is basically enough.

In other aspects, NFC, Harman Caton certified dual stereo speakers, infrared remote control, IP68 dust-proof and waterproof, wireless charging and so on will not be missing, is completely the top flagship configuration specifications.

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Given the current starting price of the Mi 11 at 3999 yuan, if the Mi 11 Ultra can be sold at 4999 yuan, it will certainly be another product that is not easy to buy.


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