Xiaomi Mi 12 Mini: Snapdragon 898, Lu Weibing Hints


Is the small-screen flagship just a pseudo demand or a niche demand? It seems that Xiaomi still wants to give it a try. Last night (November 13), When Lu Weibing communicated with netizens on Weibo, He forwarded the comment of Xiaomi manager “Mobile phone, small screen or large screen? MIUI: do or not do functions. The source of these is all from The needs of users. But in the end, the product manager must make a comprehensive judgment, and insight is very important.”

Lu Weibing followed up and wrote, ” It is still very difficult to make a small-screen flagship phone. Xiaomi Mi 12 Mini is a “space battle” game. It is very, very difficult to achieve a configuration that meets everyone’s requirements for the flagship in an extremely small space .” In the comments, everyone expressed their hopes. Xiaomi’s desire for a new flagship with a small screen.

In fact, Recently leaked the news about the “L3/L3A” model, with a small screen design of about 6.3 inches, equipped with the flagship Snapdragon 8 series processor, and it is not a youth version.

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Although some netizens questioned the reason for the smaller 6.3-inch screen, some people also pointed out that if the size is like the iPhone 12 mini/13 mini, although the size can be grasped, the body is too small, the battery capacity is in a hurry. Manufacturers will not take this risk.

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