Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro vs Mi 11 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Comparison


When buying a mobile phone, many small partners regard the camera’s ability of the mobile phone as an important condition for the purchase. And the camera ability of mobile phones can be judged through professional evaluation, such as the familiar DxOMark mobile phone camera ranking list. However, many fans said that although the iPhone’s performance in DxOMark’s rankings is average, in real life, the iPhone’s camera capabilities are stronger than domestic mobile phones. Is this really the case? This time we brought you three models of Xiaomi 12Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. Among them, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra once won the DxOMark list champion and is known as the light of Android. The performance of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is called a brand new upgrade, and Mi 12Pro is also a brand new Sony IMX707 sensor. So how do the three mobile phones of Xiaomi 12Pro, iPhone13ProMax, and Xiaomi 11Ultra perform in terms of taking pictures? Let’s take a look at the real shot comparison of several sets of photos.

The subject of this group of photos is a building. It can be seen that Xiaomi 12Pro, iPhone13ProMax and Xiaomi 11Ultra have obvious differences in color performance in the same light environment. The buildings photographed by Mi 12Pro and Mi 11Ultra are all blue-gray on the surface, and they are relatively close and there is not much difference.

The buildings photographed by iPhone13ProMax are somewhat yellowish, and the color effect is different from that of Mi 12Pro and Mi 11Ultra. In addition, the yellow lines on the ground taken by Mi 11Ultra are brighter than Mi 12Pro and iPhone13ProMax.

The second set of photos is a comparison of photos taken in an environment where the surrounding light environment is slightly weaker, and there are many light sources on the building.

The effect of this second set of photos does not require me to elaborate on everyone’s ability to see the difference between the three photos. The most obvious is iPhone13ProMax, the photos taken are generally yellowish, especially the yellow on the surface of the building is more obvious. In addition, iPhone13ProMax is generally in control of the light source exposure, which is obviously not as good as Xiaomi 12Pro and Xiaomi 11Ultra.

The third set of photos was still taken in an environment with insufficient light in the evening. Not only did the iPhone13ProMax take a yellowish building surface, but also the sky was grayish due to the yellowish color. The yellow and blue were mixed and changed color. . The photos taken by Mi 12 Pro are brighter than the photos of Mi 11Ultra as always. Both phones control the light source leaked well.

The fourth group of photos is a comparison of photos taken at night after zooming. The difference between Xiaomi 12Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and Xiaomi 11Ultra is very obvious.

The best performer should be Xiaomi 11Ultra. The posters on the wall shot after zooming are still clearly visible. The photos taken by Xiaomi 12Pro and iPhone13ProMax are relatively blurry, but the performance of iPhone13ProMax is better than that of Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro. Well, at least the poster dolls in the store are still clearly visible.

The last group of photos was taken at night. In the photos taken by iPhone 13 Pro Max, the green grass on the ground was pitch black, and the details of the grass could not be recognized basically. The grass effect taken by Xiaomi Mi 11Ultra is the best, and the roughness of the grass is well recorded. The effect of the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro is second, and the details of the ground can basically be seen clearly.


After reading the real photos comparison of Xiaomi 12Pro, iPhone13ProMax and Xiaomi 11Ultra, all of you should be aware of it. Among them, the best performer is Xiaomi 11Ultra, followed by Xiaomi 12Pro, and the bottom performer is iPhone13ProMax. If you want to buy a mobile phone to take pictures, it is recommended to start with Xiaomi 11Ultra directly. How would you choose among the three mobile phones Xiaomi 12Pro, iPhone13ProMax and Xiaomi 11Ultra?

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