Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Leaked: Leica Small Red Label on Back


Xiaomi has officially announced a strategic cooperation with Leica. The first product will be launched in July, and this is not unexpectedly the long-rumored super cup – Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra.

This afternoon, some bloggers exposed the latest renderings of the phone, showing the appearance of the back of the new phone. The camera module is very eye-catching, and Leica’s iconic little red label is also very eye-catching.

According to the picture, the appearance of the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra is basically the same as the previous exposure. Although the front cannot be seen, it can be clearly seen from the body that it is a hyperboloid display, and the back is also a curved design, which is mutually exclusive with the front. echo.

It is worth noting that the frame and four corners of the new phone are very rounded, and the back still seems to be made of ceramic material, so it should have a very good grip, but the weight should be a limitation.

As for the camera module, the Mi 12 Ultra adopts a stepped design, which still spans the entire width of the fuselage. In this respect, it is inherited from the Mi 11 Ultra, and the Leica logo is in the upper right corner.

Regarding the strategic cooperation between Xiaomi and Leica, the person in charge of Leica said: “We have invested more than 100 years of Leica’s image accumulation into Xiaomi’s new works. In terms of imaging effects, Leica should bring a lot of bonuses to the Mi 12 Ultra, which is very worth looking forward to.

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