Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra Concept Comparison: 1-inch Outsole For Lens


Xiaomi brought a concept version of the mobile phone with a big brain hole – the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra concept phone.     Although it is named a concept phone, Xiaomi has actually made a real phone, and for the first time, it has been able to directly attach a lens to a mobile phone, which can match the Leica M-series lens to shoot directly.

Digital blogger flying also posted the unboxing of this special product and showed the comparison between the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra concept phone and the production version.

It can be seen that although the two are highly consistent in appearance design, the Mi 12S Ultra concept phone is very different in the rear camera part. First of all, the directly exposed 1-inch sensor is very eye-catching.

However, Xiaomi covered the cover with a glass of sapphire for it, so there is no need to worry about scratches that will affect the picture quality.

The Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra concept machine cancels the original golden decorative strip of the rear camera and replaces it with a lens protection ring. After unscrewing it, you can transfer the Leica lens, and you can install it with one twist and one card.

The lens module of the mobile phone has also been adjusted. The original periscope telephoto lens has been canceled, and the ultra-wide-angle lens originally located in the center has been moved to the bottom. In other aspects, the appearance remains the same.

According to reports, after the external lens is installed, you can enter the camera professional mode of the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra concept machine, and you can use the external lens to shoot, which can be adapted to a variety of lens groups, including telephoto, macro, and so on.

Some people will think that this operation is not as good as direct camera shooting, but in fact, the algorithm on the mobile phone is an insurmountable advantage of the camera, and the effect of the picture straight out with the lens will obviously crush the ordinary camera.

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