Xiaomi Mi 13 Leaked: With Snapdragon 8 Gen2 With MIUI 14


It was reported that Xiaomi’s latest flagship model, the Xiaomi Mi 13, has entered the Internet and will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen2 mobile platform. Including its internal codenames “Fuxi (Fuxi)” and “now (Nüwa)”, as well as the MIUI 14 system of Android 13, it can be speculated that these two models are Xiaomi Mi 13 and Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro.

The new flagship Xiaomi Mi 13 is on the Internet, equipped with Snapdragon 8Gen2 and equipped MIUI 14 system

The new flagship Xiaomi Mi13 is on the Internet, equipped with Snapdragon 8Gen2 and equipped with MIUI 14 system Xiaomi Mi13 will be equipped with MIUI 14 system

The system version number of the new MIUI 14 system corresponding to the Xiaomi Mi13 series is V14.0.0.2.TMBEUXM, while the Xiaomi Mi13 Pro is V14.0.0.2.TMCEUXM. The Mi 13 screen is 6.36 inches, and the Mi13 Pro is 6.7 inches. In addition to the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 with the new 4nm architecture, fast charging and iterative Leica images are also expected.

The industry has given high expectations for this model. The flagship digital model has always been the highlight of Xiaomi’s new products every year, and this time the product release interval has been given enough time. I believe that the Xiaomi Mi13 series will be an excellent product, let us look forward to it together Bar.

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