Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro has a 6.7-inch, 2K flexible Single-hole Screen with Parametric Exposure


On August 11, Xiaomi released its new fold-screen flagship phone, MI MIX Fold 2, and its next flagship is expected to be the Mi 13 series. Today, a blogger exposed the screen parameters of Mi 13 Pro.
The “big cup” version will feature a 6.7-inch, 2K-resolution 120Hz refresh rate Samsung E6 flexible screen with a single hole in the center, an ultra-narrow frame and a slightly curved design on both sides, according to digital blogger @Digital Chat. Combined with the blogger’s previous revelations, the model is likely to be Xiaomi 13 Pro.

On August 27, the blogger revealed that the Mi 13 standard edition will have a straight screen with four almost equally narrow sides, while the Mi 13 Pro will have a four-way edge curved screen, which is consistent with the revelations. On August 26, the blogger revealed that Mi 13 standard edition will have a 2.5D flexible screen of around 6.36 inches, supporting a high refresh rate of 120Hz, and the screen will have a single hole in the center design with an ultra-narrow bezel.

In July, the blogger said the Mi 13 series would feature a 2k-resolution 120Hz refresh screen with a ceramic version manufactured by BYD. In terms of battery life, the Mi 13 series engineering machine adopts a multi-pole ear single cell solution, equipped with self-developed fast charging IC powered hundred watt battery, and the series will be fully charged with 50W full blood wireless charging.

Xiaomi’s standard 12S, released on July 4 this year, features a 6.28-inch, 2400-by-1080-resolution 120Hz OLED screen with a Snapdragon 8 + Gen 1 processor. The machine built-in 4500mAh battery, supports 67W wired fast charge, 50W wireless fast charge, 10W wireless reverse charge.

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Xiaomi MI 12S Pro features a 6.73-inch 3200 by 1400 Samsung E5 AMOLED screen and is powered by a Snapdragon 8 + Gen 1 processor. The machine built-in 4600mAh battery, supports 120W wired fast charge, 50W wireless fast charge, and 10W wireless reverse charge.


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