Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro VS Xiaomi 12S Ultra Quick Comparison Review


The release of the Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro and Mi 12S Ultra is just 5 months apart, but the configurations of the Mi 13 Pro have outdone or even surpassed those of the Mi 12SUltra and at a lower price! Although the Mi 12 Ultra has some camera advantages, I think the Mi 13 Pro looks better in terms of appearance.


Both models are equipped with high-end 2K curved screens, boasting great appearance and color display. The Mi 12SUltra uses E5 material, while the Mi 13 Pro is upgraded to the latest Samsung E6 material, resulting in improvements in power consumption and peak brightness.


The Xiaomi Mi 12SUltra utilizes the Snapdragon 8+ processor from TSMC. This generation of chips has marked a change in the reputation of the Snapdragon flagship SOC, attracting domestic mobile phone manufacturers to enter the high-end market.

The Mi 13 Pro, on the other hand, is upgraded to the latest Snapdragon 8Gen2 processor, featuring innovations and upgrades from core to architecture. Its entertainment rabbit running score has exceeded 1.3 million, indicating a significant improvement in performance and stable power consumption.


The battery capacities of the two models are relatively similar, with only a 40mAh gap. Both support 50W wireless charging, but the Mi 13 Pro also supports 120W wired flash charging, which is much faster than the 67W wired charging of the Mi 12SUltra.


The camera modules of the Mi 12SUltra and Mi 13 Pro are similar, with a one-inch Sony IMX989 sensor main camera, a 32-megapixel front camera, and blessings from Leica and Xiaomi imaging brain. The main difference lies in the wide-angle and telephoto lenses.

The Mi 13 Pro has a 50-megapixel wide-angle and telephoto lens, while the Mi 12SUltra has a larger 48-megapixel lens, allowing for more light and field of view, and supports 5x optical zoom. This results in better overall imaging performance.

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In conclusion, the prices of the Mi 13 Pro and Mi 12SUltra are not much different, but the Mi 13 Pro has more advantages overall. However, if you prioritize taking pictures and appearance, the Xiaomi 12SUltra is a good choice in these aspects, and you can also participate in squatting activities.

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