Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra Exposed for Variable Aperture


Blogger Digital Chat site has hinted that the Mi 13 Ultra supports variable aperture. The MIUI team has developed the control panel specifically for this feature, which is expected to debut around April.

It is reported that the aperture is a device used to control the amount of light passing through the lens and entering the sensitive surface of the body. The variable aperture takes the advantage of the adjustable aperture of the camera lens for reference. Through the adjustment of the aperture, better photo effects can be obtained in different scenes.

For camera enthusiasts, you should know that most lenses support aperture adjustment, and they do not always turn on the large aperture mode when shooting. In actual shooting, the aperture value will be adjusted according to the situation. For example, people will turn on the large aperture to make the blurred effect of the large depth of field in the background, and people will use a small aperture to avoid the influence of the large aperture on the edge quality of the photo.

On mobile phones, a variable aperture can serve a similar purpose. For example, the use of a small aperture in the daytime can ensure the quality details of the edge, while at night, under the condition of low light, the use of a large aperture, improve the amount of light in the phone lens, so as to bring bright shooting proofs.

In addition to aperture adjustment, the Mi 13 Ultra also comes with a submersible telephoto lens, the only high-end flagship in the Mi 13 series to have a submersible telephoto. Of course, 1 inch super bottom main photography, super wide angle will not be absent.

All in all, the Mi 13 Ultra is Xiaomi’s most powerful video flagship yet, and it will be Xiaomi’s “Android Video Light” in 2023.


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