Xiaomi MI 5X vs Huawei Honor 7X Camera Review


In the price of about 1,300 yuan, and even can be said that the $200 dollars in the price,  Huawei Honor 7X and Xiaomi MI 5X  in the camera have a certain breakthrough. First of all, MI 5X rear camera and MI6 basically consistent with the wide-angle lens + telephoto lens program, you can do 2 times optical zoom, while supporting portrait mode. Are two 12MP cameras, it is worth mentioning that Mi 5X rear camera also supports dual-camera zoom and PDAF phase focus, the overall point of view, MI 5X camera has a good imaging effect, zoom dual shot not only bring The rich details of the presentation but also brought a perfect portrait mode. So here we present a camera ability comparison between in together so let’s see.

Huawei Honor 7X has rear 16MP + 2MP high-definition dual-shot, the main record of the screen information, subtitles record depth of field information. With the evolution of dual-camera technology, such as optical axis high-precision 6-dimensional control, binocular distortion correction, depth of field virtual effect more and more practical. Honor 7X and MI 5X have a similar configuration and almost the price, which also let the two new this year issued a thousand dollars with a certain degree of comparability.

Today for everyone to bring two new camera contrast, let us look at the two who take pictures better results.

Honor 7X outdoor (natural light) Samples

Xiaomi Mi 5X outdoor (natural light) Samples

Outdoor natural light proofs contrast, the two white balance of the phone is very accurate, and in the light when both the center and the edge of the resolution are a high, clear and sharp picture. From the overall color adjustment point of view, MI 5X color saturation is better than Honor 7X, color is more fresh, but also more gratifying eye, and from the details of the dark and the details of the building shadow, xiaomi dynamic range slightly higher than Honor 7X.

Outdoor dark natural light shooting contrast can be found, MI 5X color saturation is still high, and Honor 7X closer to the actual perception. Both in the HDR algorithm to make the dark details can be clearly presented, and the noise is very small.

Honor 7X outdoor (still life) Sample

Xiaomi Mi 5X outdoor (still life) Sample

Outdoor scenery shooting, MI 5X on the green reduction is not as easy as Honor 7X, so in this group of proofs, the green leaves of the color Honor 7X shoot more fresh and closer to the actual color, the background of the grass MI 5X shoot Has been like a yellow hay, and the Honor 7X is green is the green grass. Both the edge of the picture quality is very good in the light, like the photo for the latter part of the user can rest assured that the use of close to the corner of the part.

Honor 7X indoor (still life) Samples

Xiaomi Mi 5X indoor (still life) Samples

Indoor proofs and outdoor just the opposite, xiaomi MI 5X looks color saturation and picture brightness are not playing 7X high, so Honor 7X proofs look more like, but the details of the screen and noise as MI 5X.

Honor 7X higher screen brightness is the screen smaller meters 5X more transparent texture, and xiaomi because of a little conservative exposure strategy makes the left half of the screen is almost invisible, and Honor 7X is clearly presented. Because the Honor 7X pulled up the exposure value but also makes the right half of the screen outside the window highlights the loss of detail, but the overall picture quality, I’ts exposure strategy to improve the indoor film rate, and the perception is better.

Honor 7X indoor (natural light) Samples

Xiaomi Mi indoor (natural light) Samples

In the shooting with a complex dynamic indoor environment, the Honor 7X although in the dark has a higher brightness, but the edge and dark noise has been significantly more than MI 5X, it shows a better three-dimensional and screen details.

From the indoor shooting, window scenery is also the user’s common environment, because the two exposure strategies are different, the brightness of the windowsill can be seen significantly different, located at the edge of the yellow car can also see the obvious color. So users in the poor light, with the Honor 7X shooting can be slightly reduced by a little exposure value, to get a better picture quality.

Honer 7X outdoor (night) Samples

Xiaomi Mi 5X outdoor (night) Samples

Night view proof of the two performance is very close, double photo to join so that users in the use of these two phones can have a good night shooting experience. MI 5X more fun Honor 7X has a more natural light rendering and picture clarity, and then complex lighting can also have a good shooting experience.

Honor 7X characters (portrait mode) Sample

Xiaomi Mi 5X characters (portrait mode) Sample

Indoor portrait shooting In the non-portrait mode, both the quality is very close, face recognition is quickly and accurately. Switch to the portrait mode, because the two of the portrait mode focal lengths are different, so xiaomi MI 5X telephoto portrait photography looks more SLR portrait of the big sense, Honor 7X is still an ordinary focal length, the screen impact Slightly lower. Double photo virtual aspects, Huawei as the forerunner of this area does not live “portrait master” of the title, virtual nature, character edge recognition accuracy, good perception. The main “shoot more beautiful” MI 5X also make the photo is full of SLR large aperture blur feeling, but this group of people in the proof of the edge of the deviation.

 Honor 7X front self-portrait proofs (left no beauty, right highest beauty) Sample

Xiaomi Mi 5X front self-proof proofs (left no beauty, right highest beauty) Sample

Prefers beauty tips MI 5X performance better, it seems that the official propaganda, by the professional makeup training algorithm engineers out of this phone can really achieve the beauty of the beauty of the photo shoot. From the sample point of view, Honor 7X after opening the beauty is the violence of the entire screen was highlighted, and the character of the skin for the traditional whitening treatment. Xiaomi MI 5X is completely different, the background of the background of the screen is very light, the face of the treatment is real as the official said is like a natural painting bare makeup, not only looks more tender, and because there is no Using the traditional violent dermabrasion, almost do not see the beauty algorithm is processed after the photo, but a look very natural self-portrait. As the face and the environment of the separate treatment, the details of the texture of the clothes and background details of the environment, MI 5X are much better than Honor 7X.

From the real shot samples, the general scene Huawei Honor 7X and Xiaomi MI 5X difference are not very large, but some special scenes have their own advantages. From the overall point of view, MI 5X algorithm stronger, take the effect of slightly better than Honor 7X. Although the removal of the four-axis anti-shake function, but MI 5X and MI 6 dual-camera program still allows the MI 5X with a very good camera effect. The front of the self-timer MI 5X also has a more beautiful beauty algorithm, and not the current market supernatural violence skin whitening beauty. After reading the above content, I believe everyone on the Huawei Honor 7X and Xiaomi MI 5X has a certain understanding. So, these two $250 file popular new mobile, you will consider buying a which?

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