Xiaomi Mi 6 Mercury Silver Edition Looks like a Piece of Mirror


Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition is a special version of the new flagship that will be available this week. This is a variant of a phone that is enclosed in a silver case with a mirror effect. The device will only be produced in 100 units, while the Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition can be viewed in pictures that show the actual look of the phone.

Xiaomi Mi 6 was announced in April in several color cases. Among them was a silver model with a mirror effect. This smartphone will be available for purchase on August 3rd. Probably only that day, because the Chinese are going to sell only 100 copies of this phone, so it will be strictly limited version. The price was set at 3,999 yuan (about $ 600).

Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition is made in a small number of pieces because the manufacturing process of such a casing is very complicated and it turns out that it is also unprofitable. That is why it will only be a cure for the elect. You probably will not be able to buy one of the 100 pieces of this model, but you can now see it in photos where you can see the real look of this phone.

The model called Xiaomi Mi 6 Mercury Silver Edition is made in a case from polished to mirror gloss stainless steel. The cost of new items will be 592 US dollars.


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