Xiaomi Mi 70-Step Smart Rearview Mirror Ready For Pre-Sale Priced at $117


In the Xiaomi ecological chain, 70Mai is the only company dedicated to in-vehicle intelligent products. Now it is on the line of a new product – 70-Step smart rearview mirror youth version, which will be officially launched on August 1 and now it is available for presale priced at 799 yuan ($117), buy a 32GB memory card (except for the product platform).

The gadget is equipped with a 6.86-inch large screen, support for intelligent voice interaction, car WeChat, parking monitoring, Unicom traffic unlimited, built-in voice high-precision navigation, support remote control of home smart devices.

This smart rearview mirror feature a super-large aperture of F2.2, which greatly enhances the amount of light entering, ensuring that enough light can be obtained at night, brightening the recorded picture, and the night vision picture is clearer. And the driving recorder has a 140° field of view, which can effectively cover the three lanes directly in front of the car, without missing the details of each trip.

After installing the reversing image camera, the front and rear dual recording and reversing image functions can be realized, which brings a safety protection to the driving process; the vehicle gear is hung to the reverse gear position, and the rear view mirror screen is switched to the reversing image screen, which is clear and comprehensive. Observing the road condition behind the car, the reversing is quicker and more secure.

Navigation is an indispensable function of a car smart device. The 70 Steps smart rearview mirror youth version integrates the high-tech map custom car mirror version. The voice navigation is fast and accurate, supports multiple destinations, freely switches the display mode and changes the routing strategy. By connecting to the Chihiro location high-precision positioning service, a more accurate and fast positioning function can be realized, and stable positioning data can be output even in an occlusion environment.

It also supports intelligent voice interaction, calling “Hello” to wake up the mirrors, such as: playing music stations, planning navigation routes, querying whether stocks and more. The 70 Steps smart rearview mirror youth version also has a thoughtful design of the main driving mode, which can effectively avoid the voice interference of other passengers in the car, and only recognize the voice commands issued by the driver.

70-meter smart rearview mirror youth version supports car WeChat, directly and Xiaomi said, send a WeChat to your friends, send and receive messages by voice, avoid missing important messages, and reduce the security risks brought by mobile phone WeChat.

The function of parking monitoring has become more and more urgent for consumers. The 70 Steps product supports parking monitoring (need to be equipped with a 70 Steps parking monitoring line). After the vehicle is turned off, the rearview mirror will automatically enter the parking monitoring mode, and the acceleration sensor will continuously monitor. Vehicle status, when an abnormality occurs, the automatic recording monitoring video isolation storage uploads the cloud and sends it to the 70 Steps APP push notification to the owner.

70 Steps Smart Rearview Mirror Youth Edition has built-in Unicom unlimited flow card, no matter if you want to listen to online music, online radio, or navigate anywhere, you don’t have to worry about traffic. After adding the rearview mirror to the Mijia APP and obtaining authorization, you can remotely control the home equipment, such as turn on the bedroom lights, sweeping robots, air purifiers, sockets, etc., all of which can be remotely controlled by voice to realize the car home interconnection.

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