Xiaomi Mi 8: Front Panel Reveals That It Will Feature Facial Recognition System the Same As the iPhone X


Leaks on the Xiaomi Mi 7 have become more and more numerous, but in a slightly confused way, rumors have also surfaced about a supposed Xiaomi Mi 8, which would be released in celebration of the 8th anniversary of the Chinese manufacturer.

On the basis of such information and speculation, it is not yet known whether Mi 7 and Mi 8 refer to the same device since both names have not yet been made official by the company, or whether they will be released as two separate models. The only confirmation issued by Xiaomi is that she should announce her next flagship at an event in Shenzhen, China.

On Thursday, a Weibo social network user posted a photo of alleged Xiaomi Mi 8 front panel protection, confirming some rumors that claimed the device will have a facial recognition system very similar to that of iPhone X, Apple.

In the photo, it is possible to notice the presence of several round apertures in the top notch of the device, following a design that undeniably refers to the iPhone X, with the only difference being that the Xiaomi device has lower edges larger than the Apple device.

In addition, another image was also shown that shows the Chinese smartphone box, displaying only the company logo and the number “8” stamped in front, against the supposed Xiaomi Mi8 nomenclature.

Regarding the expected configurations for the Xiaomi Mi 8, rumors point to a device with SoC Snapdragon 845, screen ratio at 19: 9 display, 8GB of RAM, internal storage of 256GB, dual camera system and support for wireless charging, as well as the expected fingerprint reading feature built into the display.

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