Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Review: A latest Budget Flagship Smartphone For Young People


6 years ago, Xiaomi pioneered the concept of the lite version of the mobile phone that was created for the younger group. The flagship model with the same appearance and not less performance stood at a low price. 6 years later, In Chengdu, Xiaomi released the Lite version of Mi 8 which relaying the “Lost” Lite series.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite debuted in an instant, with the mirror gradient from Impressionist Monet attracting everyone, Dream Blue, Shuguang Jin two gradient color matching mirror light, making Xiaomi mobile phone long-term monotonous color is rich and Dazzling.

In addition, its front-facing camera is equipped with a 24MP lens, which is the highest pixel of the Mi system, and supports the important functions of portrait mode, scene camera, automatic HDR and other AI blessing.

Combined with a 6.26-inch narrow bangs full screen and Snapdragon 660 processor, based on the price of 1399 yuan ($203), Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite still follows the “trend appearance, close to the flagship configuration, higher cost performance” Definition of youth.

Fast charge Technology has already got this Xiaomi 8 Mi 8 Lite recently, and then it will check with the reader whether its actual performance can be famous.

The Design and Appearance

We got a 6GB + 128GB variant for review in deep space gray color.

This is the appearance of the box of Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite. Even the packaging uses a “gradient color”. It seems that the excitement of the first gradient color of Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is beyond words.

On the back of the package of Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, a brief list of model specs.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite features a 6.26-inch 19:9 screen with 2280×1080 resolution, which is even slightly larger than the 6.21 inch of Mi 8. However, in the size of the fuselage, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is closer to Xiaomi Mi 8.

That is to say, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is not only visually pleasing, but also has an upper border of 2.68mm, a side of 1.95mm wide, and a tiny Notch. Compared with the brothers of the same generation, it has improved. The higher screen ratio is indeed expected.

This is the details of the screen bangs. A small partner who once had a resentment against the long Notch design of Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite may wish to consider the Mi 8 Lite. After all, this time only 19.4mm of small bangs because of the lack of space for 3D structured light modules, it is more amazing than the iPhone XR’s 35.2mm.

There is no obvious change in the big chin but compared to the corners of the brother model. Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite has signs of the trend of the same arc inside and outside.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get the other two models using the gradient version. It was a blessing to see the mirror-like light-emitting glass body blending with the impressionist master’s legacy.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Review

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Review

However, in terms of the deep gray type in the current hand, a mirror-like light sense is enough to raise the upper limit of the face value, and climb the peak value of the same price model, and the model after adding the gradient color is even more attractive.

Unlike Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE, the rear camera of Lite adopts the trendy “iPhone like” design of “iPhone 7/8 Plus”, which is horizontally aligned, and the “iPhone X” style that is now popular. The new “iPhone like” design is different.

However, the placement design of the camera belongs to the metaphysical problem of radish, and everyone has something to do with it.

This is a polished metal frame, which is thinner than the 7.5mm thick body. In terms of the control of body thickness, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite has been much more refined than the brother model.

This is the top of the fuselage, which reduces the open further restrained, leaving a mic here, but at the same time regrets losing the infrared sensor that Mi fans have talked about.

This is the bottom of the fuselage, with a symmetrical design of the speaker, microphone and a USB Type-C charging interface. Where is the 3.5mm headphone jack? Once again it was wiped out.

Obviously, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite supports external SD card expansion. And it currently supports a maximum of 256GB expansion, the phone comes with 64GB/128GB + expansion card’s large capacity basically farewell to the problem of insufficient memory.

Finally, a family portrait of packaged content, power adapter, USB Type-C data cable, Type-C To Audio cable and sim ejector, the highly transparent soft protective cover also come.

Hardware Specs and Performance Tests

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite equipped with Snapdragon 660. This processor has been widely used in various models of various manufacturers for a long time after the release. We have had a very detailed analysis below.

This is the comparison between the parameters of the Snapdragon 660 and the MediaTek P60 and Kirin 659 processors in the same period. It can be seen more intuitively. Whether it is Qualcomm’s independent architecture or GPU advantage, the Snapdragon 660 is a configuration ahead of its time.

It is worth noting that the same as the Snapdragon 660, and Mi 8 Lite is the first Snapdragon 660 Smartphone that supports the Vulkan version of “The King’s Glory”. Vulkan can greatly reduce the excess load in the CPU working state, the specific performance we will show in the experience part.

At the same time, Vulkan is also better able to support multi-threaded processing and multi-core CPU, efficient mining of the potential performance of the Snapdragon 660, follow-up, “Jesus Survival: Stimulate the Battlefield” and “Fortress Night” and other popular mobile games based on the Unreal 4 engine is also expected Join Vulkan.

Ahead, we chose the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite of the 5 test software opponents, Antutu, GeekBench, GFXBench, PCMark, and Androbench.

1, Antutu / GeekBench / GFXBench test

Antutu Introduction: The world’s No#1 mobile phone/tablet hardware performance testing tool can comprehensively examine the performance of all aspects of the device including the user experience and visualize the rank. Support multiple mainstream platforms, benchmark points can be compared across platforms.

About GeekBench: A cross-platform CPU performance test tool that accurately reflects the single core and multi-core performance of the device CPU. The test load simulates real-life application design, and the results are more meaningful. It can also measure the computing performance of GPU graphics.

Introduction to GFXBench: Cross-platform, cross-API 3D benchmarking software that accurately reflects the graphics performance of the device GPU. Multiple test scenarios can fully examine the OpenGL ES graphics performance of the device and enable battery life testing.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite in Antutu obtain more than 140,000 points. This result is roughly equivalent to the current Huawei-based Kirin 710 processor. The GeekBench and the GFXBench run each other. In 2018, you can still be alone.

2, PCMark test

Introduction to PCMark: PCMark is a test software that considers the comprehensive performance of the whole device. It can accurately reflect the processing performance of the daily use of mobile phones, and multiple daily test scenarios, such as web browsing, video editing, document writing, photo editing, etc. Perform a battery life test.

It should be noted that PCMark’s benchmark point is biased towards energy consumption, that is, the higher the power consumption and performance of the more balanced mobile phone score.

The PCMark benchmark score of Mi 8 Lite reached 6047 points, which is similar to the classic flagship models such as LG V30+, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The energy consumption ratio is stable.

3, Androbench test

About Androbench: AndroBench is a benchmark application that measures the 4K random storage and storage performance of Android devices, including internal or external storage.

The continuous reading speed is around 275MB/s.

Camera Specs and Samples

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite front and rear camera use Sony’s flagship sensor. the rear camera is IMX363, which is the same as the Xiaomi Mi 8 in the DXO tycoon. Then I will witness the performance of the top flagship camera that the first mid-range.

1, Daytime Samples

This is the pink flowers and the green leaves of the bush under the macro samples. It is impossible to imagine that this standard mid-range Smartphone, which starts at 1399 yuan ($203), can actually play the effect of the flagship Smartphone. And the blurred object is accurate, no transitional smear.

During this time, the autumn rain continued, the dark clouds of the hazy sky had not dispersed, and the building did not see a trace of light. The camera still recorded the details of the far-focus building in this low-light environment, even after zooming in, there was no obvious noise and smearing.

Whether it is a dome-filled building full of mottled traces of rain, or a bench that has been washed away by rain, it is controlled by a powerful white balance.

This is the pomegranate tree in the rain, which can express its relatively stable HDR ability. No matter whether it is the trunk of the shade or the background of the building. The background that is often encountered by other models has not been exposed to it, and the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite has not yet been overturned.

2, Night Samples

Buildings under the night, you can see the clouds in the sky. With the aid of the AI ?? algorithm, noise is hard to find.

Under the dim light, the macro samples of the seat are still clear, and there is no noise that should be imagined, breaking the expectations.

Decorative lights hanging on the wall, the light orange color of the light is accurate and neutral.

At night, HDR is still a little bit tempered. It does not over-expose the door lights, but it also reduces the brightness of the entire picture. There is still room for improvement.

3, Portrait Samples

This is the portrait of the rear lens, the silhouette of the portrait is captured correctly, perfectly outlines the overall line, and the focus has also been effectively blurred.

It is worth mentioning that the Mi 8 Lite uses the 24MP, which is the largest pixel camera with the highest resolution and supports pixel four-in-one technology.

Compared with its brother model, Mi 8 Lite has significantly improved the self-photographing level in the backlight and dark light environment with this hardware.

As shown above, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite camera also provides a targeted “micro-shaping” beauty program.

Battery Life, Charging and Other Tests

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is equipped with a 3350mAh battery, so let’s see how it lasts.

1, Online Video

I use the ???? client to play online barrage video, 70% brightness, 50% volume, starting from 68% power, lasting 60 minutes, remaining power 52%, power consumption 16%.

Conversion, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite in this heavy application scenario, full power can continuously play online barrage video for more than 6 hours.

2, Game Testing

We selected the most popular mobile game “Jesus Survival: Stimulate the Battlefield” for game testing, starting from 89% of electricity, the game is 30 minutes, the remaining power is 76%, and the power consumption is 13%. Convert it, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite can play “stimulus battlefield” “Close to 4 hours.

3, Charging Test

Based on cost considerations, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite supports QC3.0 fast charge, but it is a gaming phone that comes with the ancient charging head of 5V2A in QC1.0 era.

Starting from 1%, the screen is charged. After 140 minutes, the battery charge is 82%. It can be seen from the performance that QC1.0 can’t keep up with the times in 2018.

Experience: “King of the glory” Vulkan version of the first experience 82 decibels not broken

1, Vulkan Gaming Experience

We have already introduced Vulkan. It is the successor of the Open GL ES API interface. It can greatly reduce the background work performed by the CPU when analyzing the hardware requirements of the game, helping to support multi-thread processing and multi-core CPU work.

It is reported that Xiaomi and Tencent Games started the joint technology lab as early as July, focusing on the technical depth optimization of game graphics, in order to verify the final effect, We have a relevant experience.

It can be seen that in the application scene of using the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite to play the King’s Glory, the frame number is stable at 60 (reaching the ceiling of the game), and it is also obvious that the CPU renders multiple cores while working online for rendering, in any game scene and characters. The number of frames under the light and shadow effect is very stable.

2, Mi Sound

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite introduces the new Mi Sound standard, and at the same time improves the audio DSP related algorithms, combined with the very delicate sound cavity, sound hole and speaker, which is obviously a more stable audio output performance.

After testing, the bass and treble of Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite can be played accurately, and the overall external effect is excellent in Mi Sound effects and powerful hardware devices. It can be measured up to 82.6 decibels at 20 cm.

In addition, We can feel the loudness and fullness of the sound throughout the test session, even at the limit node of 82.6 decibels, there is no sign of broken sound.

3, AI voice assistant Xiao Ai

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite has built an AI voice assistant Xiao Ai, who has been relished by Mi fans. In addition to daily voice search information, voice operation WeChat payment, voice operation related to smart home equipment, etc., Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite also supports AI voice assistant.

4, SOS Emergency Help

Some time ago, the hot events related to personal safety appeared in the society, which led to the support of MIUI for SOS emergency help.

The “SOS” function can be found in the phone settings. At present, users of MIUI 10 developer version can already use this function, and users of MIUI 9 stable version can also enjoy it through subsequent upgrades.

As long as you encounter an emergency, press the power button 5 times in succession, the system will send the set help information (including help voice, call record) to the emergency contact, and can track the location of the phone.


In terms of appearance, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite can be called the value of the current Xiaomi’s Smartphones, whether it is a narrow chin or a glossy surface with a glossy gradient, the dazzling body has the meaning of the flagship device, but half the retro iPhone like is a bit unpredictable.

In terms of performance, Snapdragon 660 is still a high-ranking player, but still able to fight the mid-range SoC. Under Vulkan’s blessing, it is twice as good as its exclusive optimized King of the Glory. And continuous eight-core full open to ensure game stability.

In terms of taking pictures, we first time saw IMX363, the flagship’s top-of-the-line camera module, which was put down to the mobile phone sold at 1399 yuan (equal to $203). From the sample, this completely subverts everyone’s perception of the traditional mid-range Smartphone. The stunning 14MP IMX576 top-of-the-line camera is even more unexpected.

In terms of charging life, 6 hours of online chase or 4 hours of high-definition eating chicken is enough for daily use, but it is obviously too good to support QC3.0 fast charging but with QC1.0 charging head. Of course, if the user can It’s a different matter to bring your own.

In terms of experience, the new Mi Sound has a decent sound cell design with 82.6 decibels. It can eliminate the ringing of the phone and worry about missed calls. The bottle and SOS functions benefit from MIUI’s diligent daily upgrades.

In general , based on the price of 1399 yuan (about $203), it is difficult to find an opponent who is comparable to the camera and the face value. The low price but the flagship Smartphone configuration is still the mainstay of Xiaomi phone and this Mi 8 Lite is more promising to lose the “young” taste.

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Update on Nov.23, 2018

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11/22/2018 Cellphone [Global Version] Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 6GB+128G – Dream Blue JRJKUOLH $259.99 100
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