Xiaomi Mi 8 Water Test: Although the Results Are Surprising


As of today, this year’s Xiaomi Mi 8 has been released for a month. Everyone has used it for a short time. What does it feel like to have a comprehensive experience with Xiaomi Mi 8? I think that it has a blessing of Snapdragon 845, So its performance should be stunning, but there is a problem.

I think users are certainly more concerned about it. That is how Xiaomi Mi 8 has a waterproof effect. Because Mi 8 official does not support waterproof, today we will test it you and fond out that you can still use it after the water effect?

First, the Xiaomi Mi 8 is placed horizontally in the pool, and then it is washed with flowing water and horizontal flow.

Lateral flushing

Longitudinal flush

After the Xiaomi Mi 8 was taken out and related tests were performed, the results were satisfactory. The Mi 8 camera can work normally and the mobile phone screen can be work as usual. This point is expected, because of many mobile phones, as long as the charging hole and the sound is not facing the direction of the water source.

In the next step is to completely immerse Xiaomi Mi 8 in water. In this test, you can see a very interesting phenomenon. When Xiaomi Mi 8 is immersed in water, the mobile phone screen cannot be working.

After removing the Mi 8 from the water, the camera part of the test is working properly and the photograph taken can be freely zoomed in and out on the screen working without any problem. This is a surprise for us, and the waterproof effect of Xiaomi Mi 8 is still very good.

The last test is that Mi 8 is placed in water 1.5 meters deep, and strong water pressure will infiltrate Mi 8 in water 1.5 meters deep.

After removing the Mi 8 from the water, and then open its body, you can see that the battery of Mi 8 is covered with a layer of water droplets that it very obvious.

Therefore, if everybody’s needs to remove the Mi 8 from the water immediately after dropping the water, then do not start it, rather take a drying process for a period of time before starting to use it. This experiment also shows that Xiaomi Mi 8 is not waterproof, and everyone should remember when to use it. Is this experiment still satisfactory? Please comment on your own opinion below.

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