Xiaomi Mi 8s Will Launch With Sony IMX586, Snapdragon 675 and A Water-Drop Screen


In 2018, Xiaomi seems to be somewhat slower in product design, but in the case of the water-drop screen design is becoming more and more fashionable, it is still ready to follow up quickly, and a new Smartphone with water-drop screen design will be launched soon. It is rumored that it may be equipped with a 4000mAh battery and under-screen fingerprint technology, but the final name is not known to the rumored Xiaomi Mi 8s which will be equipped with Sony IMX586 will release the first launch of the Snapdragon 675 with water drop screen.

The news about Xiaomi’s rollout of the water-drop screen came from the digital blogger but did not disclose more information about the device. However, although Xiaomi has some slow movements compared to other manufacturers in the drop screen, in fact, in August, Xiaomi Mi 8s will have the function of unlocking the under-screen fingerprint and equipped with a 6.4-inch water-drop screen.

In other words, the new Xiaomi Smartphone screen will not like the Mi 8 but may appear in the name of Mi 8 series follow-up products. It is rumored to be equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor and offers a storage combination of 6+128GB and 8+128GB.

In addition, before the Xiaomi Mi 8 screen fingerprint version has been released, a digital blogger also said on Weibo: “It is also reasonable to release Xiaomi Mi 8s at this time, after all, OPPO is from R15 to R17.” Therefore, it is very likely that this Xiaomi drop screen has already started testing, but perhaps due to the arrival of Mi MIX 3, the release time has been postponed.

It is worth mentioning that there are netizens who disclosed on Xiaobo that Xiaomi new flagship will have a 4000mAh battery. Although it does not disclose the specific name, it seems that it is likely to be a new phone for this drop screen. Of course, the authenticity of the above news has yet to be confirmed, but it is expected that Xiaomi will have a higher possibility of launching a new water-drop screen Smartphone early next year.

Xiaomi Mi 8s will feature Sony’s latest Sony IMX586 sensor for the camera. Sony’s new sensor has an effective pixel count of 48MP, enabling four-in-one pixels, 0.8um for a single pixel, up to 1.6um for composite pixels, and 90FPS slow video recording at 4k resolution.

Sony, the image sensor manufacturer, officially released the latest smartphone image sensor code-named IMX586, with an effective pixel count of 48MP, more than 40MP for Huawei P20 Pro and 41MP for Nokia Lumia 1020. Digital SLR cameras are comparable, pixel sizes are as small as 0.8μm, and photosensitive components are only 1/2 inch (diagonal length 8.0mm).

Previously, Xiaomi has confirmed that it will release a new Smartphone with Snapdragon 675 SoC. According to Qualcomm, the earliest batch of terminals will meet with us in the first quarter of 2019. Perhaps the upcoming phone of Xiaomi will be equipped with this new processor.

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