Xiaomi Mi 9: Antutu Banchmark Score Leaked, Up To 360,000


With the official establishment of the redmi brand, Xiaomi’s positioning and strategy for the dual-brand strategy is clearer. Xiaomi has always been regarded as a representative of cost performance, which also hampers Xiaomi’s development of the high-end brand image. In the future, red rice focuses on cost-effectiveness, and Xiaomi focuses on high-end. Just recently, the running score of Xiaomi Mi 9 has also been exposed. The high score of 360,000 is called the industry leader. Lei Jun believes that the fast charge of Xiaomi Mi 9 will be better.

Xiaomi Mi 9 uses COF packaging, AMOLED’s Liu Haiping. The frame becomes narrower and the upper forehead and chin are partially narrowed. The aluminum middle frame and the glass back shell make the Xiaomi Mi 9 look more solid, and the upper and lower three heads are arranged vertically to the left. Configuration parameters, Xiaomi Mi 9 uses a 48 Megapixel main camera + 12 Megapixel sub-photo + 3DTOF camera solution; running memory is divided into 6GB and 8GB; support ultrasonic screen fingerprint and 32W fast charging, equipped with 3500mAh battery, running based on MIUI 10 for Android 9 Pie.

For the choice of processor, Xiaomi Mi 9 may become the flagship mobile phone of China’s first Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip after Samsung. Xiaomi Mi 9 actually went to 362,570 points in Antutu, and this kind of running scores is quite the style of the Android phone.

The Peoples are very concerned about the fast charging of mobile phones. Some Peoples have asked questions before, will Xiaomi Mi 9 be equipped with 24W or higher charging? Lei Jun personally replied, “Xiaomi Mi 9 fast charge must be better!” Although the answer is short and fine, it reveals the determination and input of Xiaomi mobile phone in fast charging.

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“In the future, redmi will focus on the ultimate price/performance ratio, and Xiaomi will go to the high end, so there will be no more cheap prices for the Mi 8 and it will be early.” From this argument, we are not difficult to snoop. Redmi and Xiaomi should be separated as early as possible. Each of them is independent and independent. The dual-brand strategy will help Redmi to take advantage of it and better pursue cost-effectiveness. It can also help Xiaomi to board as soon as possible. The high-end road to get rid of the previous single brand image. The value and significance of Xiaomi Mi 9 may be here.

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