Xiaomi Mi 9 Exposed: Certification 48MP Cameras, Performance Invincible


The three giants of Huawei, Samsung, and Apple have already been in the mobile phone market. They are constantly making big moves. Of course, not only these three but also the mobile phone brand of Xiaomi, which is also in the accumulation of strength.

Recently, according to the well-known technology media mobile phone China, Xiaomi Mi 9 has obtained the model certification! It will be a rear three shots, the main camera is up to 48MP! And it will also be equipped with the Snapdragon 8150 processor. This is also in line with Qualcomm’s release of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 processor in early December!

It is estimated that Xiaomi Mi 9 will appear soon, most likely after the release of the Qualcomm processor, which is around mid-December. If this is the case, then Xiaomi will be the first mainstream flagship equipped with Snapdragon 8150.

Xiaomi’s new model of the M1901F9T/E has been approved by the radio launch model, which may be Xiaomi Mi 8s or Xiaomi Mi 9. However, Xiaomi did not introduce the Xiaomi Mi 6s model for Xiaomi Mi 6, so the possibility of the existence of Xiaomi Mi 8s is relatively low. This mysterious device has a high probability of pointing to Xiaomi Mi 9. With Qualcomm announcing that the Snapdragon 8150 will be released in early December, the launch of Xiaomi Mi 9 is getting closer.

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The Snapdragon 8150 is Qualcomm’s new generation flagship mobile platform, and its comprehensive performance will be greatly improved. According to the news, its Antutu runs more than 360,000, even stronger than the Apple A12 bionic, so the performance of Xiaomi Mi 9 will be quite embarrassing. In addition, Xiaomi Mi 9 is also exposed to the rear three shots, the main camera pixels up to 48MP. As for the on-screen camera technology that everyone is looking forward to, there is not much exact information.

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