Xiaomi Mi 9 Exposure: Snapdragon 855, 100% Full Screen, Three Rear-Cameras


Xiaomi Mi 8 is still in full swing, many media are concerned about its Xiaomi Mi 9 coming, after all, 2018 is about to end, 2019 Xiaomi Mi 9 will also come as scheduled, Xiaomi digital flagship has always been the price-performance mobile phone expected by rice noodles, each generation cost-effective They are particularly high, and the design of Xiaomi Mi 6 has been praised by thousands, and to Xiaomi Mi 8, because it overlaps with iPhone X too much, so it has received a lot of users to spit, but the price of Xiaomi Mi 8 is very high, still get a lot User’s favor.

Nowadays, many netizens have high hopes for Xiaomi Mi 9, because the design of Xiaomi 6 is very classic, and everyone has hope for Xiaomi. Nowadays, foreign media has exposed the design concept of Xiaomi Mi 9 and it is so beautiful. Let’s take a look at the concept of this mobile phone.

Appearance, the Xiaomi Mi 9 uses 6.21 inches closer to 100% full-screen design, the front is almost a screen, the border is also very narrow, looks very beautiful, currently close to 100% full-screen mobile phone has been done, such as OPPO Find X, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and glory Magic2 and other screens are very high, so next year’s Xiaomi Mi 9 is close to 100% full screen, it is justifiable.

Then the question comes. Since Xiaomi Mi 9 uses a comprehensive screen with a high screen ratio, where is the front camera? The answer given by foreign media is the use of a lift front camera and also equipped with 20MP + 12MP dual camera. In fact, the hidden lift camera, there is already a patent in Xiaomi, and vivo NEX is only the first to release, in fact, the patent is still Xiaomi, Xiaomi President Lin Bin has announced the millet lift camera engineering phone, Xiaomi can make it, so Xiaomi Mi 9 use is also extenuating.

In terms of the main camera, Xiaomi Mi 9 adopts a rear three-camera scheme, equipped with 16MP+20MP+16MP pixels for three shots, supports OIS optical image stabilization, and of course, supports AI photos. Xiaomi has done a good job in AI photography and has been walking. In the forefront of the world, this time, in cooperation with Mito mobile phones, the level of photography has increased even more, so the photo of Xiaomi Mi 9 will be improved.

The configuration of Xiaomi Mi 9 is also very exciting. Every year, the Xiaomi digital flagship machine will use Qualcomm’s most advanced processor. Xiaomi Mi 9 is no exception. It will definitely be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 processor. This processor is a 7nm process and supports 5G. From the performance of the exposure, Antutu can run up to 350,000 points, and the highest configuration can reach 10GB.

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Of course, the biggest highlight of Xiaomi Mi 9 is the price. The release price of Xiaomi Mi 6 started at 2,499 yuan ($362.25). At that time, many people thought that Snapdragon 835 could not sell so cheaply; to Xiaomi Mi 8, the release price was 2699 yuan. According to the price/performance ratio of Xiaomi Mi 9, the maximum price can’t exceed 3,000 yuan ($434.87). If it is 2999 yuan, do you think it is acceptable?

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