Xiaomi Mi 9 First Renders Leak: Will Be Comprehensive Screen


As an international smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi’s every move in China has attracted people’s attention. Recently, Xiaomi 8 released by Xiaomi Company has been highly praised by users. Just as this new phone is selling well, it is spread on the Internet. Suspected Xiaomi Mi 9 renderings, although the picture has not been officially confirmed, I also want to share with you the first time, interested friends and look down!

It is said that Xiaomi Mi 9 will be equipped with the next generation of Qualcomm Xiaolong 855 processor, 8GB two kinds of memory, while the storage starts from 128GB.

As can be seen from the concept rendering, the body of the Xiaomi 9 is still a curved body design, while the body material will still be made of glass material, and will support wireless charging technology. And Xiaomi 9’s screen fingerprint recognition is a half-screen design, which means that the screen fingerprint can be used everywhere in the lower half of the screen area. Identify and unlock.

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In terms of performance, Xiaomi Mi 9 is still very strong, And Xiaomi mobile phones are currently based on performance, and then help to form a high-cost performance at a lower price, so many consumers love it.

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