Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro Concept Design Exposure: The Perfect Combination of Xiaomi Mi 8 and Huawei Mate 20


Xiaomi has been very happy in recent times, but Notch’s design of Xiaomi Mi 8 has made criticism from the outside world. The foreign media released the concept design of this group of Xiaomi Mi 9 according to their ideal design concept. However, this set of design drawings has some strange places. The screen has a special high upper and lower borders, and the front frame is not seen. camera.

The screen of Xiaomi Mi 9 adopts the design of super large screen, the frame of the mountain is canceled, and the curved screen design is adopted on the left and right sides of the screen. This Xiaomi Mi 9 has a particularly high screen ratio, almost 100%, and the field of view is really good.

This design is indeed better than Notch. Because it is not so unsightly, it will be very comfortable when watching videos and playing games. Therefore, the foreign media deliberately did not design the front camera or the front. The camera was forgotten and it was an unknown result. However, at present, no front camera is definitely a mistake.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 exploration version has been equipped with the screen fingerprint recognition unlocking module, and the body fingerprint identification unlocking module is not seen in the concept map of Xiaomi Mi 9, so the possibility of using the screen fingerprint recognition unlocking by Xiaomi 9 is also large. This technology is also very mature.

Xiaomi Mi 9 will still be designed with a glass body and a built-in wireless charging module. This design can fill the regret that Xiaomi 8 does not have wireless charging technology, and can also improve the competitiveness of Xiaomi Mi 9’s flagship mobile phone.

The rear camera of Xiaomi Mi 9 has also been upgraded. The design of the rear three cameras is obviously emulating the Huawei P20Pro. At present, the rear three cameras will become the mainstream design, so it is reasonable for Xiaomi 9 to adopt this design.

In terms of performance parameters, Xiaomi Mi 9 uses the latest Opteron processor, which is very powerful. And Xiaomi iterative mobile phone will adopt the most powerful configuration, so don’t worry.

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Are you satisfied with this Xiaomi 9 Pro design and hardware parameters? If Xiaomi MI 9 is actually on sale according to this design, will you support and buy it?

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