Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Teardown: See What inside In the Younger Brother of Mi 9


A moment ago we informed you about the construction of the Mi 9. Now it’s time to know how is the Mi 9 SE inside, his younger brother who shares hardware with the flagship of the company. Today, Wang Teng once again brought the exhibition of the disassembled figure of the Mi 9 SE. Lei Jun forwarded the relevant content by Weibo. We now show it to you and we’ll let you know how this terminal is manufactured.

First of all, open the back of the Mi 9 SE with care and delicacy, removing the case and thus be able to get to the ins and outs that this Mi 9 SE keeps inside.

As soon as we open it, we find the NFC antenna and a heat sink for the loudspeaker located in the lower panel of the Mi 9 SE.

The part of the antenna that allows the reception and sending of calls is removed and we find the battery and the motherboard. All this well protected by a graphite heat dissipation film.

Next, we find the motherboard where the chips are housed that allow the Mi 9 SE to have a Snapdragon 712 accompanied by up to 6GB of RAM. All very well compacted and designed to be as thin as possible the chassis.

Then the battery is removed where we see that it is very small since it arrives with 3070mAh with fast charge Q.C 4.0. When removing the battery you can see inside the terminal.

Now it’s time to see the top part of the Mi 9 SE where your triple camera is housed. Here the Mi 9 and Mi 9SE share one of the main lenses that is the 48MP of Sony, as they also share it with the Redmi Note 7 Pro. As we can see the assembly is different if we compare it with the Mi 9 since here we see two lenses together and the 48MP lens is found loose. In the Mi 9, the three lenses are all together in the same chassis.

At the top, we find the encapsulation of the Snapdragon 712 and the other chips and circuits of the board. These are made of copper to dissipate the processing and the circuit.

Finally, we find the fingerprint sensor mechanism on the front of the Mi 9 as it also implements this Mi 9 SE, being the same 5th gen sensor.

As can be seen with this disassembly of the Mi 9 SE we see that the Asian company is still bidding to bring the good quality assembly to its two terminals TOP. Note that Xiaomi has wanted to do a good job with compaction of the terminal, being very thin and with little weight.

Update on March 2, 2019

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