Xiaomi Mi 9: Things You Need to Know


After sharing some vital pieces of details and increasing the excitement of the mobile enthusiasts, Xiaomi has finally declared the launch of Mi 9 in China. The company claims that the buyers of this soon-to-be-launched gadget will not at all be disappointed as this time the smartphone is not only powered by Snapdragon 855 processor but the finely designed triple-lens camera and its sleek body will amaze you. That’s how you can seamlessly play Phone casino games on this device. Let’s have a look at some exciting features you can expect from this upcoming device.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 features Gorilla glass screen with the resolutions of the same being 2340*1080 respectively. For those who are really choosy when it comes to the colours, the company is offering 4 beautiful colour options. while the black colour appears classic, the lavender and blue smartphone look pretty impressive. Even though these are just the representations instead of the exact look, the vibrant colours of the device wouldn’t let you keep your eyes off of the device.

Performance and Battery
The Snapdragon 855 processor is sufficient to provide you with no less than 2.84 GHz speed. Coming to the internal storage configuration, the device is said to come in two variants in terms of its internal memory. While its RAM will be 6 GB, it supports 64 GB and 124 GB internal storage. What’s more exciting is apart from Lenovo and OnePlus, Xiaomi will be one of the top producers who is including the latest chip in the coming device.

The device comes with a 3,300 mAh battery that seems pretty small, considering the current advanced battery life that lasts for days. However, the Snapdragon’s enhanced efficiency can help you run multiple tasks without having to charge your smartphone frequently. Fortunately, Xiaomi supports its unique wireless fast charger that could have your set charged within an hour or two.

Perhaps, it is the very first time for the mobile enthusiasts to see a triple-lens camera in a Xiaomi device. The device supports 48 mega-pixels camera that has an aperture of f/1.75. The company has integrated a new pixel binning system in which 4 pixels will get blend into one, making the picture quality perfect even in the dim light.

The front camera sensors of the device are backed by Artificial Intelligence. The co-founder of the company i.e. Wang Chuan currently shared some pictured captured with this device on the official social media page to demonstrate the picture-taking abilities of the device.

Software, Security, and other special features
The company has integrated a fifth-generation fingerprint sensor at the rear end of the device. These fingerprint sensors are relatively better than the Mi 8 Pro sensors and offer higher reliability and speed. Other than this, hold the cell down and 3 shortcut menu will pop up as soon as the device is unlocked including a code scanner, search button, and a calendar reminder.

The price of the device has not been confirmed yet, though it is assumed to come with a price tag of $650.


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