Xiaomi Mi 9 Vs Honor 20 Speed Test – Let’s See Which Is Faster


Mi 9 is the latest flagship Smartphone of Xiaomi, it is equipped with the Snapdragon 855 SoC which is the strongest flagship processor of Qualcomm. Honor 20 was introduced by Huawei last month and it is also the latest flagship phone of Honor. This flagship phone is powered with Kirin 980 chipset which is also a most powerful SoC of Huawei.

Both Smartphones are flagship at present, so the author of the YouTube-channel FoneTech decided to compare the Honor 20 and Xiaomi Mi 9 speed tests.

As we mentioned above, Xiaomi Mi 9 is equipped with SD 855 processor, CPU clocked at 2.84 Hz, the screen resolution is 2340X1080 with Android 9.0. The Honor 20 uses Kirin 980 processor which CPU clocked at 2.6 Hz, its screen resolution is 2340X1080 pixels and operating is the same as Mi 9. At the same time, both the devices involved in the comparison have 6GB of RAM.

In this speed test, we load applications at the same time, the Xiaomi Mi 9 loading speed of these apps “Google Market”, “Google Chrome”, “NETFLIX”, “Jesus Survival”, “GPS” are ahead than Honor 20.

While, Honor 20 quickly load these apps “PDF”, “FORTINITE”, “Tank Wars”, “Car Racing”, “Super Parkour”, “Temple Escape”, “Weibo”, “Twitter” than Mi 9. So, Xiaomi Mi 9 quickly load a total of 6 apps and Honor 20 load 8 apps, which means the total 14 apps loading speed are compared in this test.

The test results, Honor 20 apps loading speed is faster than Xiaomi Mi 9, in the current processor hardware parameters are relatively close, the processor performance is even faster is not easy. Both phones are currently selling at similar prices. From the perspective of phone hardware parameters and design, which one you will choose?

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