Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Released Update For Android 10


According to Foreign Media, after Xiaomi Mi A3 updated Android 10 last week, there was a bug. After Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite upgraded to Android this week. The performance was still not good, and there were situations such as cyclic startup and even bricks.

Xiaomi A2 Lite started to push the Android 10 system, adding dark mode and gesture navigation, but combined with the news from Xiaomi’s official forum, Reddit and XDA forums.

The first batch of mobile phones that received the push and updated to Android 10 The user, Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite in the hand, has various problems, such as Wi-Fi problems, screen problems, etc., and even the cycle starts, fails to boot properly, and even becomes brick.

However, according to feedback. Some users have successfully installed without encountering problems. Which may be related to specific storage combinations. But the current information is not enough to pinpoint the cause.

A method of designing Fastboot to save the bricks appeared on the XDA forum. But foreign media warned that “we do not recommend you to try this unless you know what you are doing.”

The new firmware update offers system stability optimization. Reduces system lag that is based on the February 2020 Android Security Patch Level. As mentioned, the firmware update bumps up a new software version V11.0.12.0.QJACNXM is rolling out via OTA in a gradual manner. Therefore, the OTA update may take some time to arrive on all the units completely. However, you can software updates manually.

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