Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 Will Release in India on September 21


Xiaomi has occupied one of biggest market about electronics in India, such as smartphones, tablet pcs, smart home gadgets, etc. Right now they have sent out the invitation to launch the first MI Ecosystem product, Xiaomi MI Air Purifier 2 in India,  which will come out on September 21 in New Delhi.


As you know, MI Ecosystem is the sub-brand of Xiaomi company, which doesn’t release smartphones but other smart gadgets for our family. It will be the first attempt to release MI Air Purifier 2 in India to open more market. This product has been released in China in November 25, which become the second version of MI Air Purifier. Its design size is similar to A4 paper. The smart gadget supports triple-filter protection which sieves out PM2.5 formaldehyde and other micro-dust particles from the air. And it has a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of up to 406-cubic meters per hour, covering an area of 48 square meters according to official reports.


Xiaomi MI Purifier 2 can be controlled by using MI Home app on Xiaomi smartphone similar to other smart home products. It supports Wi-Fi (802.11n) so that it can work with Xiaomi MI Home app by connecting wifi. The MI Home app can support android and IOS system to control MI Purifier 2.  It sells at 699 yuan, $100 in China, so it will sell around Rs. 7,000 in India. Let’s stay tuned at 12pm IST on September 12 by Xiaomi’s YouTube channel.

coupon code: GB3RDPurifier
Special price:143.99
Limit in 30pcs


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