Xiaomi MI Air Purifier New Filter Anti-bacterial Edition Officially Releases at 159 yuan, $25


Today Xiaomi has officially released Xiaomi MI Air Purifier New Filter today, which has not only kept the PM2.5 function and formaldehyde function,but also it has leading organic metal salts anti-virus technology, suitable for bacteria season, unventilated office and stream of closed environment.

It adopts 360 degrees design, through primary, high efficiency filter material containing antibacterial coating composition,  three layer of high quality activated carbon filter, high efficiency filter material is equipped with organic metal salts antimicrobial agent, which can let the bacteria absorbed not be reproduced, eventually dead.

The anti-bacterial filter prevents mould level to the highest level 0, and it can have the effect to get rid of mites. It has much natural polyphenol content for those allergy people to make the allergen in the air change, which can’t combine with antibody of humans, so as to effectively reduce the occurrence of allergic condition.

Meanwhile, the new version keeps the functions of common version with 99.7% PM2.5 removal rate, built in high-quality activated carbon can effectively remove formaldehyde, TVOC and other harmful substances,which are mainly from toilet decorate pollution and solid waste, etc., which can lead to harming human body.

Xiaomi MI Air Purifier New Filter Anti-bacterial Edition has lasting effect,  coated natural antibacterial ingredients long decay period to 1 year,but to ensure the quality of purification,we recommend users to replace filter once every 3 to 6 months, it can remind users to change according to usage to calculate replacement time. MiJIA can also provide very convenient  filter for changing. Users can download from MIJia App, then it can be shipped on delivery.

Xiaomi MI Air Purifier New Filter Anti-bacterial Edition right now sells at 159 yuan, $25, which is compatible with Xiaomi MI air purifier, xiaomi mi air purifier 2, MI Purifier Pro, it will start to sell officially tomorrow in Xiaomi mall, xiaomi mi home, Xiaomi Tmall store, etc.

Update on Aug. 16, 2017:
Original Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier
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