Xiaomi Mi Automatic Smart Door Lock Pro official Announced: Support 3D Face Recognition


The announcement of Xiaomi Smart Life is scheduled to announce the new flagship product of the year, Xiaomi Mi Automatic Smart Door Lock Pro, at 10 o’clock on June 29. This time the main game is visible and comprehensive, and he is known as an all-around player.

Judging from the poster, the Xiaomi Mi Automatic Smart Door Lock Pro is equipped with a binocular camera, and there is an emission hole in the middle. Some netizens have speculated whether it will be a 3D structured light-related component, that is, it supports 3D face recognition with a very high safety factor.

With the camera, functions such as security monitoring outside the door and visual doorbell are expected to be integrated. Since it is omnipotent, traditional fingerprint unlocking, NFC swiping unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, etc. are definitely supported, including smart doorbells, and a fully automatic experience is indispensable. Simply put, the lock tongue is automatically retracted after fingerprint verification, and the door is automatically locked after closing.

At present, the highest-end smart door locks sold by Xiaomi are the Xiaomi fully automatic smart door locks with a price of 1699 yuan and a straight-insertion C-level lock cylinder.

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