Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Secretly Conducted a Firmware Upgrade to Mean Mi Band 3 Coming, While Adding a New Press and Hang Up Calls Feature


The report concerning Xiaomi Mi Band 3 may be terribly involved concerning the Mi are things, but the user doesn’t know anything. However, there are media and enthusiasts “ideal” Mi Band 3 is equipped with “NFC” function, don’t know if it will be achieved. Although Mi Band 3 didn’t come from any reliable official info, the Mi Band 2 has recently conducted a firmware upgrade while adding a new feature – Press and hang up calls.

This operation will be seen within the “Xiaomi movement” APP update, firmware automatically download the updates in Mi Band. User found within the update after looking for a long time, and ultimately found that this feature doesn’t need to set, as long as the long press after the call will be done to hang up. This feature permits us inconvenient to operate the phone will simply hang up.

Introducing after this new feature, here we are also a little bit to mention a couple of changes to the Xiaomi movement and Mi Band. As for the Mi Band, additionally to the current feature to join different features nearly no amendment. although the Mi Band 2 isn’t any change, with the use of the Xiaomi sports app isn’t it, compared to before a number of revision. don’t know if you continue to bear in mind before the interface UI, UI within the current layout and interface is simply out when the controversial. this could be something that’s customary, except for the moment it’s still a very smart revision.

Now more and more care concerning the user’s personal expertise of the application, therefore most of them have some “switch.” we need to be ready to add, don’t pay attention we will protect it, this is a awfully good decision. because before that, there’s no switch, so some of the functional display has a direct impact on the user expertise.

Such as this feature, it was built in the beginning of the user’s exchange, the formation of a social platform. In fact, this idea could be a higher, due to the platform, with the exchange, there’ll be a lot of attention-grabbing. However, from the actual scenario, it’s not terribly satisfactory. There are a lot of individuals don’t like this feature, on the one hand, feel uneven, there are management issues. On the other hand, I feel that this function isn’t simply necessary, but people cannot adjust their display.

Since this feature wasn’t initially available to everybody, it was awkward to directly display the key location on the homepage, so a wave of shelling was already caused when the revision came out. subsequently, joined the “switch”, the ability to choose whether the function is displayed and the importance of display (before and after the order of display).

At present, Xiaomi exercise set to sleep, exercise pedometer, heart rate, weight and different health indicators in one. additionally, the Mi Band is a lot of associated with the phone. currently, you’ll be able to unlock the screen, call reminders, alarm, app notification reminders, SMS alerts and other functions. For now, in fact, the function of the bracelet has been more complete. If the expectations for the Mi Band 3, it’s going to be that we glance forward to the NFC.

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The higher than is that the content of this issue, and what are your expectations for the Mi Band? after all, there are any suggestions concerning the Mi Band and Xiaomi sports app, additionally gear everywhere.

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