Xiaomi Mi Band 2 shortage-We are giving 2 away!


Xiaomi had a success story when they released the Xiaomi Mi Band. Then we saw the Mi Band 2 take the market by storm with it compact size, reliability and cheap price tag, and has gone on to be one of the best , if not the best, smart band device any where in the world. The Mi Band 2 was released early last month after a long wait, the release date was postponed on several occasions as Xiaomi wanted to ensure the device was perfect and that the stock build up was enough to ensure that demand was met. QQ图片20160624143104 Yet despite all the measures Xiaomi put in place they have found themselves in a postion where the Mi Band 2 is very difficult to get. We have found that due the the extraordinary demand for the device, the price for the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has skyrocketed  sold for as high as 289 Yuan OR $43, to put this in perspective, when the Mi Band 2 was launched in June 2016 the price tag was 149 Yuan or roughly $23. Production of the Mi Band 2 is set to double According to Mr. Huang Wang, CEO of Huami which is the company that produces the Mi Band. QQ图片20160624143115However even that wont suffice as demand is that high Lei Jun, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, admitted via his Weibo account,that production had been repeatedly increased to keep up with the demand it is still unable to be fully met. Lei Jun also confirmed that production of the device would be doubled.QQ图片20160624143112
The Mi Band 2 is a very reliable device and comes packed with a large array of functions, so its no surprise that it is being highly sought after considering the affordable price tag.  It comes with an OLED-display and a touch panel, giving its users access to a huge amount of data including distance covered, time, heart rate, body temperature and much more all at the touch of a finger. The Mi Band 2 is also a wristwatch with smart technology, so the device responds to the movement of the user. The smart band responds as soon as the user lefts their hand and displays the current time.Xiaomi-Mi-Band-2
With all this in mind Igeekphone are running 2 giveaways.  The first ends on the 8th of July and 1 lucky fan of IgeekPhone will walk away with a brand new Xiaomi Mi Band 2. The second giveaway has 3 fantastic prizes up for grabs including a Meizu M3s and a Xiaomi Mi Band 2. So no need to wait in line for your Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Just follow the highlighted links above, follow the instructions to enter and best of luck.

Update on Sept.8, 2017
1) Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Watch for Android iOS
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