Xiaomi MI Band 3 Smartband Will Be Released with NFC Function


When we mention Xiaomi and Xiaomi eco line, we think they have earned much profits for its products, especially Xiaomi miband, Xiaomi mi band 1 has unveiled wearable field and become very popular, right now Xiaomi has become one of the largest wearable manufacturers., it is said they will release Xiaomi MI BAND 3 soon.

According to current information, the biggest improvement of Xiaomi mi band 3 is to add NFC function, when talking about current high-end flagship smartphones,  users are sick of them without NFC function, NFC function can improve users experience for wearable device, so we can image when we take subway, we don’t have to take phone out to swipe the card, only life our hands to do it, we can take it, of course, it is not only one practical way, it can become your payment device, just scanning, and it can pay fast.

Most importantly, NFC function consumes power less than Bluetooth and wifi connection, which offer longer battery life for wearable devices, if Xiaomi mi band 3 can support 30 days using without stop, it will have longer using time than current other wearable devices, very worthwhile to expect. And its price may increase, up to 199 yuan, $33, right now Xiaomi mi band 2 price has dropped much, you can use coupon code: 40m2bd for mi band 2 at $17.99 only, therefore, before mi band 3 is coming, we can choose and try mi band 2 first.


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