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The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smarband offers customers a user experience that is simply chic in terms of the combination of features and qualities, capable of extremely and very tangibly please literally every person. Any buyer who buys this gadget for himself is guaranteed to consider it the best of the best, since for a modest amount of money he will be able to offer a user experience that is simply gorgeous in terms of its combination of qualities.

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The precise cutting technique allows the screen of Xiaomi Mi Band 7 to completely cover the core of the bracelet, effectively expanding the upper and lower viewing area of ​​the screen. With the new size, the field of view on both sides is also larger, making it less bulky. The changes also have better visual effects. In the previous generation, the Xiaomi Mi Band canceled the buttons and adopted a full-screen touch mode, which also made the bracelet feel more fluent and easier to operate. Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is made of skin-friendly material, and a silver-based glass carrier antibacterial agent is added to it, which has an antibacterial rate of over 99% against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. At the same time, the design of the sweat channel is also added, so that we will not feel stuffy even if we use it during sports. Sweat will be discharged from the sweat channel to avoid the growth of bacteria caused by the accumulation of sweat and water stains.


Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is equipped with a 1.62-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 490 x 192 px. The brightness of the display reaches 500 nits, making it perfect even in direct sunlight. Dials can also be displayed in AoD mode. In addition, the gadget is certified water resistant to 5 ATM, so it is possible to dive up to 50 meters.

Built-in GPS

However, it is uncertain whether this will actually be the case, as the leaked firmware for the Mi Band 6 also indicated that it would include built-in GPS support. However, the end product with this feature did not come in the end. In addition, the leak states that the Mi Band 7 will include a Smart Alarm feature that will automatically wake you up from a light sleep 30 minutes before the set alarm.

Always-on Display

We have information about the Always-on Display mode. In practice, this is a permanent display of basic information, such as time, in a way that does not put too much strain on the battery. Even that is possible – such a function is offered by a number of smartwatches and it is actually just a software implementation that does not increase production costs in any way.


Due to the changes brought by the screen size, the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has further improved the visual sense, so a new system and logic are needed to match it. on the Mi Band 7 has optimized and upgraded the overall UI, and each icon has been redrawn, making the overall information display more intuitive and the amount of information on a single page larger. It is more obvious that in the past, only two application icons could be displayed on each screen, but now three icons can be put down, which also makes the shortcut function page carry more applications.

Sensors and Functions

Now Xiaomi Mi Band 7 can detect human indicators such as blood oxygen and heart rate, and can also enable the monitoring function of abnormal values. In particular, both blood oxygen and heart rate can be monitored for 24 hours, which can protect our health even during sleep. The new functions added this time include four professional sports data, including “maximum oxygen uptake”, “training load”, “recovery time” and “aerobic/anaerobic training effect”. They are able to monitor the value of our every movement process. Taking VO2max as an example, it can calculate the VO2max during each exercise by monitoring the heart rate, so that we can better understand the oxygen consumption state we are in during exercise, thereby increasing our awareness of endurance and exercise ability, basal metabolism and other numerical comprehensive indicators.

The training load can count our excess oxygen consumption after exercising in the past 7 days to calculate whether we have reached the training load, and give a score to evaluate whether our body has been fully exercised in a unit time, so that the subsequent training Plan for reasonable reference. We can also use the recovery time to understand how our body is recovering after each exercise, so as to adjust the frequency of training appropriately. These functions allow us to have evidence to follow every time we exercise, so as to form a set of exercise standards that are more suitable for us, and also play a role in supervising our own exercise.


This is one of the most anticipated improvements on the Mi Band 7. In order to satisfy consumers, Xiaomi has taken steps to extend the life of its new smart bracelet by giving it a more powerful battery. While the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 had a 125 mAh battery, the Mi Band 7 will offer almost double that, or 250 mAh. To this will be added a new energy saving mode that will allow the device to exceed five days of autonomy.

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