Xiaomi Mi Band 7: Design, and Features Review


The Xiaomi Mi Band 7, the company’s new smart bracelet, and has already opened the pre-sale of the product in China, the first country to receive the accessory. Made in partnership with Huami, the new version has improvements such as a 25% larger screen and an oximeter.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has a design quite similar to the Mi Band 4 version, with an extremely dynamic and youthful appearance suitable for the majority of young people today. In particular, the strap on Mi Band 7 with TPU material supports antibacterial along with a diverse color palette for users to choose from. With Xiaomi Mi Band 7 you are completely assured of their water-resistance. With a waterproof rating of 5ATM, you can use it to swim and use it in rainy conditions without worrying about affecting the device’s performance.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is to receive a larger 1.56-inch AMOLED display than its predecessors and a resolution of 192 × 490 pixels. If you believe the rumors, it is also supposed to have the attractive Always On Display function, i.e. support for the constant display of the most important messages for the user. The screen will be AMOLED and everything indicates that it will offer AOD or Always On Display. This function allows you to have the screen always active and not consume much energy.

Thanks to this detail, users will be able to view the time or some details without having to completely wake up the screen. Along with the new screen, a new set of watch faces will appear, which will be partially adapted to continuous display in AoD (Always On Display) mode, i.e. after the screen turns off. This function was missing in previous Xiaomi bands, which was explained by too much energy demand.

Health and Fitness Sensors

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is equipped with tons of impressive features to bring convenience and extremely useful to users: health monitoring, heart rate measurement, and health monitoring of many other sports. More specifically, the device is equipped with up to 120 exercise modes, including 4 professional training modes and many data monitoring and analysis features. Mi Band 7 with a sensor that measures blood oxygen concentration and gives an alert when the index drops below 90%, alerting the user.

More specifically, the device also has the ability to easily connect to smartphones. With AI smart technology, the Mi Band 7 smartwatch will bring you an extremely impressive and modern user experience. You can easily control smartphones through Xiaomi smartwatches with simple voice commands. Or you can also receive, reject calls as well as transfer music right on your wearable device.


On the other hand, with the functions of the Mi Band 7, which may arouse special interest, the possibility of using the built-in GPS module comes to the fore. Until now, it was only possible in correlation with the smartphone from which the band took the location data.


One of the classics cannot be missing, the extra that most often appears in the pools of the new bracelets and that has been leaked again. The arrival of GPS is that great element that we all want to end up appearing, even if that means an increase in price to launch a Pro level Mi Band 7. This would allow us to go out and play sports without taking our phones with us and, therefore, make her more independent.


Another major change was the battery, whose capacity jumped from 125 mAh to 180 mAh, thanks to which the Mi Band 7 is to boast up to 15 days of endurance in standard use. With a more demanding work style, the endurance will be around 8 to 9 days on a charge, which is a very solid value.

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