Xiaomi Mi Band 7: We brought the latest band from Xiaomi to test it. Should you buy it?


Mi band is one of the most known bands worldwide. With million of sales everytime, the Mi Band is always a hit. Before some days, Xiaomi presented to us the new Xiaomi Mi Band 7. The new mi band is bigger from the previous one. But is this enough for someone to buy it? We bought it for you and review it! Xiaomi Mi Band 7 bought it from Hekka. Hekka is a new eshop, but full of ambitions and good prices! I have to admit that Mi Band came to very fast, so to be one of the first to review it. So, the package with the new Mi Band 7 reminds the package of Mi Band 6. A big black box, with an image of the mi band on the one side and various specs at the other side. The version that you can buy now from various eshop is the CN version, not global, but reading further down you will see that is not true!

Opening the box, inside you will find the new Mi Band 7, the charger, which is exactly the same as the Mi Band 6 and a manual …. no change, nothing new, except the Mi Band. In fact, its charger can be used on the 7 without any problem and you can charge it, as you will see in the detailed video that I have below. Although the two Mi Bands are slightly different in size, if you have a strap from the 6 and you are very fond of it, you can use it in your new Mi Band 7! And I show you this in the video …. But let’s see the Mi Band that came to me from Hekka.

What really hits in the eye is that Mi Band 7 is wider from the previous model, makings things look better and bigger. You can easily see in the words of the menou of the M Band 7 and Mi Band 6. But let us remember the specs of each model

  Mi Band 7 Mi Band 6
Dimensions 46.5 x 20.7 x 12.25mm 47.4 × 18.6 × 12.7mm
Weight 13.5 grams 12.8 grams
Screen 1.62-inch AMOLED 1.56-inch AMOLED
Pulse sensor Yes Yes
Sleep tracking Yes Yes
SpO2 sensor Yes continues Yes
Sports Modes 120 30
Waterproof 5 ATM 5 ATM
Battery 180mAh 125mAh
In life 15 days (normal use) 9 days (heavy use) 14 days (non-NFC) 12 days (NFC)

As you can see the Mi Band 7 is 2.1 mm wider, shorter and thinner, but also heavier. As you will see in the video and photos … it shows the width. In the beginning, I had to charge the Mi Band 7 to activate it, while it came to me with an English menu and firmware For the Redmi Watch 2 that I have and use, I have installed the Mi Fitness (Xiaomi Wear) application in my mobile phone. This application is the only one that works with the Redmi Watch 2. So I saw that when you want to add new devices, it allows you to add the Mi Band 5, 6 and the new Mi Band 7. Connecting the Mi Band 7 with the application, it immediately showed me that it has a firmware update, which of course I did ….

The update was installed without any problem. Now the firmware was the! The new firmware was hiding a very nice surprise!

If you check closer the image, you will see the info in an other language than english or chinese and this was Greek. So the new firmware made my CN Mi Band 7….Global!!!!

Which languages you can use with your CN Mi Band 7 which just became global!? Check the images from the app. Don’t forget you can choose the language of the the Mi Band from the gadget or the app!

As you can see 22 languages can be set to your CN Mi Band 7! So my recommendation is get it now, as global versions are always more expensive for no reason! As for the rest, Mi Band 7 is really nice. You can choose watchfaces for now from the app only, but I;m sure it wont take long to see custom watchfaces at places like amazfitwatchfaces.com. The Mi Band is really lite, you can feel the vibrations really strong, been wider you can read more things from the notifications. And to help you choose, here are some images of the Mi Band 6 next to the new Mi Band 7 to understand the difference.

As you see the letters in the menu in the new Mi Band 7 are bigger and you can read them easily comparing to the old Mi Band 6. Also I like the vivid colors in the Mi Band 7. And to help you even more, I have all these in details in the following video. Don;t forget to Like and Share!

If you want to get the Mi Band 7 which now is global with the latest firmware as I showed you, you can get it from Hekka as I did, for only €47.47, which is the lowest price from everywhere, by using the coupon HEKKA29-10 till the end of the month!

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