Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is Officially Unveiled


In 2023, many of Xiaomi’s products will be replaced.

Recently, through searching authentication information, the outside world found the figure of Xiaomi mi Band 8, its registered model is M2239B1, among which the Malaysian side directly marked the English name as Xiaomi Smart Band 8.

Unfortunately, the specific parameters and details of the shape were not disclosed in the filing.

The news follows leaks that the new Mi Band 8 is already in production, suggesting an official launch is not far off, which is expected in the spring.

In fact, the last three Mi Bands were all released in the first half of the year, and we have reason to believe the Mi Band 8 will be no exception.

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According to the upgrade logic of Mi Band 6 to Mi Band 7, the new changes expected for Mi Band 8 are expected to include a larger screen, more advanced Bluetooth specifications, longer battery life, more professional and complete sports health monitoring, etc. If the contact wireless charging can be upgraded, it will undoubtedly be more convenient.


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