Xiaomi Mi Bunny Bluetooth Speaker Announced Today at 99 Yuan, $16


Xiaomi mi bunny is very funny and impress us so much. Recently, Xiaomi released a Mi Bunny Speaker that can sing with light on. It is very compact and portable, when you see it, you will be very fond of it. It can support Bluetooth, SD card to connect, and 3-hour battery life. The loudspeaker rate is up to 3W, distortion less than 1%, Whether it plays music or talk story, you can enjoy surprise and right now it only sells at 99 yuan, $16.



In appearance, Xiaomi MI Bunny is just a bunny toy with red hat and red package, after launching it, the cap badge and two ears can glow, which is a very cute cartoon. No one can resist its cuteness and warmness. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 32GB SD card. Therefore, whether you like pop music or your parents like classic songs or your children like story, it can store as many as it can.


There is a backpack across the Bunny’s chest, every little button of the backpack can support unique function to play, fast-forward, playback, volume, switch songs, which can operate very funny and easily. We just need to press the button to switch the song or adjust the volume. Meanwhile, after charging it full, it can support up to 3 hours playing.


Whether Xiaomi mi TV or Xiaomi Mi speaker, the sound quality has been tested well. Xiaomi Mi Bunny speaker has compact design but powerful function and sound effect. You can connect bluetooth with your mobile, tablet pc, notebook to let you enjoy more music. Right now it only costs 99 yuan, $16. Are you ready for buying one for your children or parents?


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