Xiaomi Mi CC9 Review: The Price is Much Affordable


Xiaomi held a new series of Xiaomi Mi CC in Beijing Water Cube. At the meeting, three mobile phones, Xiaomi Mi CC9, Xiaomi Mi CC9e, and Xiaomi Mi CC9 Mito customized version were released. I got the Xiaomi Mi CC9 “White Lovers” version, and it is not too late. Let’s start with a simple wave.

Let’s take a look at the box. Since CC is a new series, there is a new design in the box. The two large “CC”s are interlaced and the colors are very colorful. It looks really younger. Accessories list: a clear water shell, data cable, 18W charging head, card pin.

The official has a fluorescent high-permeable protective shell (hard shell), it will not be very thick to wear, but the feel is generally the same, because it is a silica gel hard shell, more fingerprints, and hand sweat, is not very recommended to buy

First sight of Xiaomi Mi CC9, the most eye-catching is the color of this white lover, I want to say that there is really no surprise in the rest of the appearance, because other designs are really similar to Xiaomi Mi9, if I say this is Xiaomi Mi 9 white Version, it is estimated that no one questioned, but after taking the hand, I found that it is still different from Xiaomi Mi 9

The first is the thickness. Since the Xiaomi Mi CC9 is equipped with a 4030mAh battery, the thickness is inevitably thicker than the Xiaomi Mi 9. The actual thickness is 8.67mm (the thickness of the Xiaomi Mi 9 is 7.61mm). The weight of the fuselage is 179g. Actually, it is actually not light and thin. Just in the current environment, the weight of mobile phones is close to 200g, and it can indeed be included in the “light and thin” ranks.

The border is a metal frame, the power button and the volume button are on the right side of the fuselage, and the button feels solid. The SIM card slot is on the left side of the fuselage, and it is supported by or card tray to support the expansion of the TF card. At the top of the fuselage, there are infrared emitters, microphones and 3.5mm headphone jacks from left to right (praise). The bottom of the fuselage from left to right are the microphone, Type-C charging interface, and single speaker. The back material is glass. Compared with the feel of Xiaomi Mi 9, the back of the Xiaomi Mi 9 has a larger curvature, so the hand feels more rounded (and of course feels thicker), and the Xiaomi Mi 9 feels thinner.

Then there is the position of the camera, the same as the layout of Xiaomi Mi 9, but there is no iconic “Angel Eye” on Xiaomi Mi 9, and then Logo, this time the logo of Xiaomi Mi 9 is “xiaomi”, in the lower-left corner of the back.

At the same time, it is still a breathing light. It is lit when notifying reminders, incoming calls, playing music and charging, but I don’t know if it is a media machine. When charging, the breathing light is not bright. It is expected that the retail version will improve, but the actual In terms of use, this breathing light does not feel very practical. Just ask how many people usually have the phone buckled on the table? If you wear an opaque protective case, then this function is rounded up to no.

The final difference in appearance is the color – white, I have to say, this color of Xiaomi Mi CC9, I think is the biggest bright spot, this color is not pure white, under the light refraction, there will be iridescent spots on the back, maybe photos And the video is a bit hard to show, the real color is really good (Xiaomi Mi 9 users are crying) , interestingly, this color is similar to the “sky of the sky” of Huawei P30 series, friends who don’t know the phone, see this The phone, I asked if I was Huawei P30.

The front is equipped with a 6.39-inch Samsung A screen with a resolution of 2340*1080. The official screen is called the same screen as Xiaomi Mi9, which supports DC dimming and HDR display. The actual look and feel contrast with Xiaomi Mi9 and Xiaomi Mi CC9’s screen color temperature. It seems to be warmer, and the rest is similar.

Camera, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 rear three shots, from top to bottom, respectively: 8 Megapixels super wide-angle, 48 Megapixels main camera (Sony IMX586), 2 Megapixel depth of field lens, does not support optical image stabilization, let’s look Really making proofs.

Let’s take a look at the “Change the Sky” feature that everyone likes. This feature can be “changed” in the photo editing filter. The actual effect looks a bit interesting, but the overall look will still be “false”. It should be adjusted according to the actual situation, otherwise, it is easy to reveal the stuffing. In addition, we found a little secret. The Redmi K20 Pro upgraded to the latest firmware is also available, and Xiaomi Mi9 has not yet, but it is expected to join in the future

Just as I was still immersed in the “changing the sky” wow~, the colleague next door told me that in fact, just downloading software can also “change the sky” (in order to avoid advertising suspicion, everyone can reply in the background of the WeChat public number. In the next day, you can download it. You can also achieve this kind of effect and even more features. You can download it to play with your favorite machine friends.

Finally, the focus of the front camera, the 32 Megapixel front camera used by the Xiaomi Mi CC9, aperture f / 2.0, in order to verify the self-timer effect, we found the love of the number one fairy – Gu Tingting, show us Xiaomi CC9’s self-timer effect, here you need to explain, the front self-timer of Xiaomi Mi CC9, even if you turn off all the beauty, there will still be beauty.

Tingting: “The self-timer effect of Xiaomi Mi CC9 is OK, but the dermabrasion is a bit fake, and the overall color is a bit pale, or I think it’s good to use the iPhone with the beauty app.”

Finally look at other configurations, Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 SoC, 6GB running memory, 64GB/128GB body storage, support screen fingerprint unlock and face unlock, full-featured NFC, support infrared remote control, 4030mAh battery, 18W charging power, measured charging power 15W or so, support QC4.0, price: 6GB+64GB ¥1799, 6GB+128GB ¥1999, this price is no matter how you look, it seems to be the iQOO Neo next door (manual dog head).

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The above is the full content of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 experience, if you have any questions, you can comment on the area. Xiaomi Mi CC9 is now available on Gearbest For just $468.37.

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