Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Flagship Will be Released With Mi Watch and Mi TV 5


A few hours remain until Xiaomi‘s latest premium products are introduced. A large press conference will be held in China on Tuesday to present a smartphone with five Xiaomi CC9 Pro cameras, a Mi Watch smartwatch with MIUI for Watch, a new Mi TV 5 smart TV series and portable air conditioning.

The CC9 Pro features the world’s first ultra-thin fingerprint optical sensor. Sensor sensitivity and unlock success rates have improved. The smartphone can be unlocked quickly with just one quick touch, even in more demanding conditions such as strong light, low temperature, and the like.

We have already written that the new smartphone will also be equipped with an NFC module. In our region, however, we are a little behind its use. It is mainly used for contactless payments, but even for that, it is very popular.

However, in the country of Xiaomi, NFC has many more options. It enables users to make contactless payments, replaces public transport tickets, opens doors to various institutions and has many other benefits.

It is therefore not strange that in Xiaomi point to this piece of equipment and recently have been trying to integrate the NFC module into cheaper smartphones.

We noticed the dual-LED flash the first time we uncovered part of the CC9 Pro, but the manufacturer has not commented on its use. Of course, four LEDs will bring more light than two. Xiaomi argues that two double strobes will create a softer type of light and the resulting effect will be better.

When shooting in the dark, one flash tends to lighten the space, which can for example distort the color of the skin. When shooting with CC9 Pro, the use of two dual-LED flashes will make photos more natural.

The infrared port is also a popular feature of the equipment and gives users the opportunity to use their smartphone. That’s why you can use the Xiaomi CC9 Pro as a universal remote control for various appliances.

At home, at work or in a café, you will be able to switch your TV or lower the air conditioner temperature with the CC9 Pro with integrated infrared.

Although all these features are not the primary criteria, they are always pleased if they are part of a smartphone. The first impression of getting to know the new device is always influenced by the design. Here, too, developers tried to bring some interesting features.

One is the curvature of the display on the sides, but also an interesting and modern shade of green used in one of the color versions of the CC9 Pro. They called it Magic Green and combines several green shades depending on the incident light.

Already at the first mention of the new series of smart TVs Mi TV 5, Xiaomi announced that it will be a premium class and the new product will be the flagship of the company. The new Xiaomi Mi TV 5 will be powered by the 12 nm T972 chipset. The processor promises up to 63 percent performance gain over previous generations. In addition to a powerful processor, the manufacturer has included 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage.

The new smart TV can play and record 8K video. For this premium feature to stand out, the TV should also have a premium display, which is the primary aspect for televisions. The Mi TV 5 series will be equipped with a 4K QLED panel covering the NTSC color scale with a 108% scale.

The Quantum Dot panel is likely to be supplied by Samsung, a market leader in the industry. The current Mi TV 4 series comes with either LCD or LED panels. This is a major enhancement for Mi TV 5, making new smart TVs one of the top models.

Not surprisingly, Xiaomi is moving towards Quantum Dot LEDs as the recently launched competitor brand OnePlus TV also offers Samsung’s QLED panels. Xiaomi also shared an advertising poster with part of the upcoming Mi TV 5. The picture shows the right part of the TV that reveals a slim body, a narrow frame and a stylish “Designed by Xiaomi” sign.

Along with Mi TV 5, the company is ready to launch a number of other products in China on November 5, which we regularly report. These include the Xiaomi Mi Watch. The first Xiaomi watch that will work with Android Wear and that stands out for having a design traced to that of the Apple Watch.

Previously, a few details of the design and technical features of the Xiaomi Mi Watch had already been leaked. But now it has been the company itself that has revealed new data about its expected smartwatch. More than anything because, Li Xiaoshuang, general manager of the Department of Smart TV and air conditioners of the Asian company, has shown the clock.

Regarding the design, little more remains to be shown. We have already seen all the secrets of its appearance, showing a digital crown located in the upper right corner, in addition to curved edges with a metal casing. And beware, this watch will feature one of the great virtues of the Apple Watch.

In this way, the Xiaomi Mi Watch will have a sapphire crystal on its front, to offer great resistance to scratches. On the other hand, the firm has talked about the system of the straps, which will have a mechanism that will allow them to be placed much more comfortable, in addition to having an anti-allergenic and anti-sweat rubber cover.

Regarding the technical characteristics that the next Xiaomi watch with Wear OS will have, to say that the Mi Watch will be a true wonder. To start, you will mount the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, an SoC designed specifically for this type of wearables and that promises high energy efficiency.

To this, we must add WiFi connectivity, in addition to Bluetooth. So far everything normal, but when we add that this model will have independent GPS, in addition to NFC and e-SIM support to make and receive calls, it is a fact that the Mi Watch will have speakers to be able to use it independently of the phone.

Regarding the autonomy of the new Xiaomi watch, to say that the battery of the Mi Watch will be one of the most outstanding elements of this new smartwatch. We will have to wait for the official presentation of these devices, but it seems that on November 5, the Beijing-based firm Xiaomi has prepared good artillery to save to become one of the best alternatives to the Apple Watch.

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