Xiaomi Mi CC9e Official Test: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Performance Running Points Announced


Xiaomi released XiaomiMi CC9, Xiaomi Mi CC9e series mobile phone new products, which Xiaomi CC9e first launched with Xiaolong 665 processor, using 11nm process, reloading Adreno 6 series graphics processor And upgraded the DSP to Hexagon 686 and added HVX support, AI performance has increased significantly.

Now Xiaomi mobile phone officially detailed the performance of this Snapdragon 665 from CPU, GPU, AI, reading and writing, comprehensive running points and game measurement. Snapdragon 665 can be said to be a new Qualcomm 600 series mobile platform under the new process. The new 11nm LPP process is more advanced than the 14nm process of Snapdragon 660 and the 12nm process of Kirin 710.

CPU, the Snapdragon 665 uses the same four large +4 small eight-core architecture and Snapdragon 660, Kryo 260 core, clocked at up to 2.0GHz, can play the big core when playing high computing load Performance, while the daily browsing of webpages and other light-loaded scenarios such as message scanning, can be given to the small core to save more power. In the GeekBench 4 test, the Snapdragon 665 and the Kirin 710 platform scored slightly better than single-core and multi-core scores.

GPU aspect Snapdragon 665 uses the new Adreno 610 graphics processor, enhanced game experience and longer game time, especially the new support for Vulkan 1.1, its power consumption can be theoretically reduced by 20 %. In the professional graphics test software 3D Mark, under the high-pressure and high-load scenario such as Sling Shot Extreme, the Snapdragon 665 scored 1131 points, 1.5 times more than the K710. Under the Vulkan API, the Snapdragon 665 is also 52% higher than the Kirin 710.

The highlight of the Snapdragon 665 is the performance of AI performance, supporting Qualcomm’s third-generation artificial intelligence engine AI Engine, continuing the AI ​​architecture of Qualcomm’s multi-core heterogeneous computing, and built-in high-performance Hexagon 686 DPS, which is newer than Snapdragon 660. The HVX vector extension kernel has advanced image recognition and calculation capabilities, which can greatly enhance the AI ​​capabilities of mobile phone photo recognition, portrait blur, human scene separation, and photo translation.

In the AImark test, Xiaomi Mi CC9e with Snapdragon 665 scored 15762 points, and Kirin 710 scored 4415 points. The difference between the two was obvious. And regardless of RESNET34, INCEPTIONV3 or DEEPLABV3+ and other sub-items, Snapdragon 665 is stronger.

The Xiaomi Mi CC9e is equipped with LPDDR4x memory and UFS 2.1 flash memory, and its data reading and writing capabilities are even better. In the Androbench test, the single channel UFS 2.1 Xiaomi CC9e reads 506MB/s in sequence, and the random read and write breaks 100. Compared with the built-in eMMC flash memory of the Kirin 710 mobile phone, it has obvious advantages, and there will be a better experience in the game decompression and loading speed.

After understanding the single-capabilities of CPU, GPU, and AI, you can compare the overall performance of the Snapdragon 665 and K710 through the current mainstream running software. Snapdragon 665 Antu rabbit scored 147393, Kirin 710 platform 131107. In another running software, the Xiaomi Mi CC9e with Qualcomm 665 scored 195,214, which is much higher than the 145,897 points of the Kirin 710 platform, which is also higher than the 165,683 points of the Snapdragon 660.

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In the game measurement, Xiaomi Mi CC9e can smoothly run the well-known MOBA mobile game, even in the canyon team battle can maintain almost full frame operation, the average frame rate is 58.7fps, the fluctuation is small. Under the same screen setting, the same game is run in the same game, and the average frame rate of the mobile phone using the Kirin 710 chip is 54.3 fps.

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