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Xiaomi officially brought a new product line of Xiaomi mobile phone brand – Xiaomi CC, including Xiaomi Mi CC9, Xiaomi Mi CC9e, and Xiaomi Mi CC9 Mito customized version. On the same day, three models were released, Geek I also made a detailed evaluation article on Xiaomi Mi CC9 for the first time.

Today, let’s talk about the relatively low-profile Xiaomi Mi CC9e. As a product with the suffix “e”, it has not shrunk in terms of high-paying photos and endurance, and it is only priced at 1299 yuan so that it has a good competitive edge. under.

Design & Appearance

Like the other two products of the Xiaomi Mi CC series, the Xiaomi Mi CC9e also uses a 19.5:9 Samsung AMOLED water drop screen with a size of 6.088 inches, slightly smaller than the Xiaomi Mi CC9. A little insufficiency is that due to cost constraints, its screen resolution has been changed from FHD to HD+, and the display level has also decreased.

In terms of unlocking mode, Xiaomi Mi CC9e is equipped with the same optical screen fingerprint as Xiaomi Mi CC9. It is the latest generation of down-screen lens solution of Huiding Technology. As far as our actual experience is concerned, the recognition accuracy and unlocking speed are good.

In the evaluation article of Xiaomi Mi CC9, we also mentioned that the self-timer ability is one of its highlights. It is still the same here in Xiaomi Mi CC9e. It is equipped with the Xiaomi CC9 front-facing camera with 32 Megapixels, the sensor is Samsung GD1 (1/2.8 inch, supports 4 in 1 output in dark light, 1.6-micron large pixels in the photo), F2.0 aperture.

For the next Xiaomi Mi CC series camera, the more interesting Mimoji shooting function. As early as the Xiaomi Mi 8 transparent exploration version, Xiaomi released a similar function, but the Chinese name was called “Mi Meng” and the English name was Mimoji. Therefore, the Xiaomi CC series built it into the camera, which is not a very unexpected thing.

Open the camera interface, after entering the Mimoji Shooting option for the first time, the phone itself has three built-in images, including LINE FRIENDS, authorized Laiyang Royan and Brown Bear. If you want to generate your own cartoon image, click the plus button on the left to create it.

When creating an image autonomously, the user first needs to take a photo that needs a face to appear according to the system prompts (both front and rear cameras are supported). After completion, you can generate your own cartoon image. Of course, if you are not satisfied with the current image, you can also customize the hairstyle, face, eyes, eyebrows, beard and many other features in the editing interface.

It should be noted that this function has certain requirements for light. Under the condition of dark light, the system will prompt “light is dark”, and it is impossible to shoot at this time. In addition, in addition to photos, you can also create dynamic picture emoticons, or long press the shutter button to record videos up to 15 seconds long.

In the era when the front of the mobile phone is gradually occupied by the screen, the back cover is one of the few places where the appearance of the product can be differentiated. In terms of body color matching, Xiaomi Mi CC9e and Xiaomi Mi CC9 are consistent, providing a total of three different color combinations, in addition to the white lover’s version we have, as well as the Dark Blue Planet and the Dark Prince version.

Take the white lover version as an example. Overall, it can present a variety of colorful effects and looks very beautiful. And the special thing about the Xiaomi Mi CC9e is that it does not need to use the oblique light to clearly see the special color on the back cover, which is rare in other products.

In addition to the beautiful back cover design, another satisfactory aspect of the Xiaomi Mi CC9e is the grip performance. According to the official data, its body measurements are 153.48 x 71.85 x 8.475mm, the weight is 173.8g, and the volume is slightly smaller than the Mi CC9.

The relatively small body size combined with the good weight control, even in long-held scenes (such as games or video), it will not put too much burden on your wrist. At the same time, because the back cover has a certain degree of curvature treatment on both sides, it is also close to the palm of the hand, and the overall grip is very good.


The 32-megapixel front camera is a highlight of the Xiaomi Mi CC9e, and the rear has not fallen. Like the Xiaomi Mi CC9, its rear camera is still a combination of 48 Megapixels (main camera) + 8 Megapixels (super wide angle) + 2 Megapixels (depth of field).

The main aperture is f/1.79, the default 4-in-1 output single-pixel 1.6-micron 12-megapixel photo, support manual opening of the 48-megapixel mode in the camera interface, the sensor model is Sony IMX586 or IMX582 with the same specifications; super wide-angle lens Single pixel is 1.12 micron, f/2.2 aperture; depth of field lens is single pixel 1.75 micron, f/2.4 aperture.

Snapdragon 665 is a new generation of the mobile platform released by Qualcomm in April this year, replacing the previous Snapdragon 660. It uses Samsung’s 11nm LPP process, the CPU partially integrates four 2.0GHz Kryo 260 cores and four 1.8GHz Kryo 260 cores, the GPU graphics core is upgraded to Adreno 610 and supports Vulkan 1.1 API.

In other respects, its DSP is upgraded to Heagon 686. Officially, the AI ​​performance can be up to 2 times that of the Snapdragon 660, and the ISP is upgraded to the Spectra 165, thus achieving a 48-megapixel single-shot and wide-angle + super wide-angle + telephoto three-shot. Support for the program.


We also conducted actual tests on the performance of the two rabbits, Antutu, and Master Lu. From the results, Antutu scored 140,476 points and Master Lu scored 178,992 points.

In the game experience session, we chose the two popular hand games of “Glory of the King” and “Peace Elite” as the test objects. In terms of actual game experience, the glory of Xiaomi Mi CC9e running king is very smooth. In the peace elite environment, we set the picture quality to HD, and the number of frames is high. The game is not stuck in the whole game, but the rendering speed is slightly delayed.


Battery life is also a great advantage of the Xiaomi Mi CC9e. In the case of the body weight of only 173.8g, it still has a large battery of 4030mAh (standard 5V 2A charging head, you can purchase additional charging head to achieve 18W fast charge). In terms of actual performance, in the state of full power, the game of “Peace Elite” continued for 30 minutes, and its remaining power was 92%. There is no problem in maintaining normal use for one day.

Photographing and endurance are two outstanding advantages of the Xiaomi Mi CC9e. In terms of taking pictures, the combination of front 32 megapixels, rear 48 megapixels + 8 megapixels + 2 megapixels provides a good hardware foundation. In the same price range, the front and rear cameras can achieve this level at the same time. not much.

When it comes to battery life, as a mobile phone manufacturer that has been working hard in the industry for many years, Xiaomi is obviously more aware of the core appeal of the thousand yuan file user group. The addition of the 4030mAh large battery, coupled with the relatively low power consumption of the Snapdragon 665, gives it a good endurance.

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In summary, Xiaomi Mi CC9e is a bit regrettable because its screen resolution is not high, but as a product with a price of only 1299 yuan, it has the same fingerprint recognition, camera ability and large battery as the Xiaomi Mi CC9. At the same time, it is not an easy task to control costs.

As for whether it is worthwhile to start, in fact, the game between superiority and shortcoming depends on your ability to value which aspect. Of course, a big premise that cannot be ignored before this is the price factor.

Xiaomi Mi CC9e offers 4GB+64GB, 6GB+64GB and 6GB+128GB three storage specifications. The corresponding prices are 1299 yuan, 1399 yuan, and 1599 yuan respectively. Interested friends can understand.

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